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Riyadh, Rajab 02, 1444 AH, corresponding to January 24, 2023 AD, SPA
Today, the first dialogue sessions of the second day of the Future of Real Estate Forum in its second edition began today, under the title “The Role of Financial Institutions in Supporting the Real Estate and Housing Sector”, with the participation of the CEO of the Real Estate Development Fund, Mansour bin Madi, and the first head of retail banking at Riyad Bank, Walid Al-Dubaib. Fabrice Susini, CEO of the Saudi Real Estate Refinancing Company, founder and CEO of the money market platform Ambrine Musa, and corporate finance consultant at Deloitte Robin Petrice.
Bin Madi explained during his participation that the Real Estate Development Fund has a partnership with more than 17 financial institutions, to enhance the creation of financing value in the real estate market in the Kingdom, addressing the mechanism of providing housing and real estate financing to citizens.
And he indicated that the role of the private sector has become more effective in terms of providing financing and real estate support to citizens, pointing to the sustainability of the financing market and support programs through the Fund signing more than 150 strategic agreements with the private sector, which contributes to providing many solutions in housing and real estate financing.
The participants discussed the importance of supporting investment in the real estate sector, financing operations through direct loans, the involvement of the private sector in the process of supporting citizens, and the sustainability of the financing market for the real estate sector, touching on innovative solutions for the financing process in housing projects, as well as reviewing successful stories and models in the real estate sector in the Kingdom. .
Participants shed light on ways to attract foreign investors in housing projects in the Kingdom, to contribute to citizens’ ownership of their homes, and to provide funding resources at the government level in the money market and the sustainability of support operations for the real estate sector through it, and the role of the Kingdom’s government in the process of financing developers to build houses and the impact of the interest rate on Request citizens to own their homes.
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