How did the government of the regime deal with the collapse of a building in Sheikh Maqsoud?


The government of the Syrian regime repeatedly ignores the building collapse incidents that occur in Aleppo, northern Syria, leaving dozens dead and injured, without requiring a visit to the site of the accident or a press conference explaining what happened and dealing with the plan to deal with the situation.

On January 23, at least 16 people died, and four others were injured, as a result of the collapse of a residential building in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo, northern Syria.

According to what the Syrian News Agency (SANA) quoted from a source in Aleppo governorate, the building consists of five floors, explaining that the reasons for the collapse are due to the leakage of water into the foundations of the building.

At a time when the search for survivors under the rubble was continuing, SANA announced that the Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, at the head of a government delegation, had begun a visit to Deir ez-Zor.

SANA mentioned that Arnous opened projects in Deir ez-Zor Governorate at a cost of 19 billion Syrian pounds (2.84 million US dollars), and published an article explaining dimensions and details related to the projects that Arnous opened, in addition to his statements about the course of the visit, accompanied by the Minister of Water Resources, without addressing the collapse incident. Building.

Conflict of numbers

Despite the agreement of the local media on the initial number of human losses as a result of the building collapse in Sheikh Maqsoud, the latest updates that the media itself stopped at put the reader in front of two numbers.

SANA reported that the death toll from the building had risen to 16 deaths and four injuries, while the local newspaper, Al-Watan, reported that 17 deaths occurred and three injuries occurred.

On the follow-up level, the local radio station “Sham FM” provided several updates of the death figures before reaching the same number published by “Al-Watan” (17 deaths and three injuries), in addition to its coverage of the funeral of the victims.

“a mess of priorities”

The collapse of the building and the escalation of deaths were met with poor coverage in the local media, of all kinds, to the point of being ignored.


Al-Souria TV also made a phone call to its correspondent, Fouad Azmerli, who held him responsible for “what happened during the presence of armed terrorist groups in Aleppo,” as he put it.


In the printed issue of some newspapers, Al-Watan newspaper contented itself with a brief news appendix to the first page of its issue issued on Monday.

The first page of the printed issue of “Al-Watan” newspaper_ January 23, 2023

The news of the building’s collapse was completely absent from the printed issues of “Al-Thawra”, “Tishreen” and “Al-Baath” governmental newspapers on the same day.


In September 2022, a five-storey building also collapsed in the Al-Firdous neighborhood, southeast of Aleppo, killing 13 people, including seven women and five children.

The official comment on the incident at the time was made by the head of the city council, Maad Medelji, to SANA, who said that the building is located within a violation area that was “destroyed by terrorism.”

“Rain and terror”… Why do residential buildings collapse in Aleppo?

For his part, the Governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diab, on September 8, ordered the formation of a committee of technicians from the General Secretariat of the governorate, the city council, the Engineers Syndicate, and technical services, to inspect the collapsed building, explain the reasons for its collapse, determine its age, and submit the report within 24 hours. .

The governor also directed the evacuation of neighboring buildings for fear of their collapse, and the provision of alternative housing in the Hanano area for those affected by the owners of the dilapidated building and neighboring buildings, a similar step that was taken after the collapse of the building in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, last Sunday.



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