The truth about Samira Tawfiq’s death – My articles site

The truth about Samira Tawfiq’s death – My articles site
The truth about Samira Tawfiq’s death – My articles site

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The truth about the death of Samira Tawfik Where artistic figures have their public and popular interest, and their artistic and personal news are the focus of greatest attention, especially on social networking sites, where the news of the death of singer Samira Tawfiq has spread recently, despite her distance from the artistic scene, so during my article site we will shed light on the truth about the death of singer Samira Tawfiq. In addition to the most important information related to her personal and professional biography.

Who is Samira Tawfiq Wikipedia

that Samira Tawfik is a Lebanese woman, singer and actress, of Lebanese nationality, of Syrian origin, Where she bore Syrian children in the village of Umm Hartin in the As-Suwayda Governorate in Syria, her singing talent appeared at the age of seven, but at the age of thirteen her singing talent began to appear in public to participate in many concerts in Beirut theaters, where she was sung by Ajram Theater and Tanios Theater. The artist is among many regions in Lebanon and her family always accompanies her. The beginning of her fame was in the song “Asmar Khafif Al-Rooh”. After her launch in Beirut, she participated in Jordan’s official radio with the song “Between the Varicose Veins”, to achieve her desired success and gain great popular and public fame, to start with her many works. Which spread throughout Lebanon and the Arab world. The artist was known for her sheila, which tends to the old Bedouin, and in 1965 AD she participated in the starring role in the movie “Bedouin in Paris”.[1]

Samira Tawfik Biography

In the following bullet points, we explain the most important things related to the biography of singer Samira Tawfik, according to the following:

  • full name: Samira Ghastine Karimouna.
  • Nickname: Samira Tawfik.
  • Nick name: The first Badia artist.
  • Date of Birth: On December 25, 1935 AD.
  • place of birth: Umm Haretin/Suwayda/Syria.
  • Nationality: Lebanese.
  • Residence: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • Marital status: married.
  • husband name: undefined.
  • Occupation: Solitary singer.
  • Years of activity: From 1948 until 1995 AD.

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The truth about the death of Samira Tawfik

Social media caught fire with the news of the death of the Lebanese artist, Samira Tawfiq, on the nineteenth of December 2023 AD, after announcing the news through one of the official Damascus broadcasts, The news was denied hours after it was broadcast on the same radio Where she apologized for the news, after confirming the health and safety of the artist, as the news was transmitted from the page of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, and it turned out later that it was a fake page, so that her sister’s daughter, “Lina Radwan,” published that the artist is healthy and well, and she is staying with her husband in the Emirates. United Arab.


Who is Samira Tawfiq’s husband?

Her love life was out of sight, but she entered into a love relationship twice, and one of them was with the director of Lebanon’s official television, Izz al-Din al-Sobh, in the seventies, but their relationship did not last long and was not crowned with a wedding. In the mid-nineties, the artist married a Lebanese businessman, far from the atmosphere. Lebanon, where he resides in Sweden, to move away from the artistic atmosphere and the artistic milieu and live with her husband in Sweden, and it is considered the first marriage in the artist’s life.


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Samira Tawfik’s artwork

During her artistic career, the artist participated in many works with which she achieved her wide fame, as she was known for her Bedouin dialect and songs.

Samira Tawfik movies

She participated in many films, including:

  • Days in London, 1976.
  • Bedouin in Rome in 1965.
  • The Gypsy in Love in 1974.
  • Hasnaa al-Badiya, 1964.
  • Ghirlan movie in 1969 AD.
  • The Big Review movie in 1975 AD.
  • Fares and Najoud series in 1974 AD.
  • Samra series in 1977 AD.

Samira Tawfik songs

She performed many songs, the most important of which are:

  • Welcome guest.
  • Light brown soul.
  • With insight and bravado.
  • Sell ​​the camel, Ali.
  • lulu days.
  • Tell me how.
  • Ask the beloved.
  • Two days and a third.
  • Yabo eyes are beautiful.
  • blameless.
  • On your feet, my love.
  • Lift up your tears.

With this much, we come to the conclusion of our article, which bears the title The truth about the death of Samira Tawfikwhere we dealt within its lines with the truth about the death of the artist, in addition to information related to her biography, professional and marital life.



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