Foreign ownership of Saudi stocks declined by $1.16 billion in a week


Riyadh – Mubasher: The value of shares owned by foreigners in the Saudi stock market “Tadawul” recorded a decline during the past week ending on January 19, 2023, compared to the previous week..

The weekly report of “Tadawul” revealed that the value of foreign ownership of Saudi stocks decreased by about 4.35 billion riyals (1.16 billion US dollars), in light of the decline in the ownership of qualified and strategic investors..

The value of foreign investors’ ownership fell during the past week to 346.7 billion riyals, compared to 346.7 billion riyals 351.05 billion riyals in the previous week, ending January 12 2023.

The value of ownership of qualified investors in Saudi stocks amounted to 373.75 billion riyals, compared to 276.12 billion for the previous week. To fall by 2.37 billion riyals.

The ownership value of strategic investors decreased by about 2.39 billion riyals, to 47.4 billion riyals, compared to 49.8 billion for the previous week..

On the other hand, the ownership value of resident investors increased by 207.15 million riyals. To reach about 14 billion riyals, compared to 13.8 billion riyals at the end of the previous week.

The weekly report of “Tadawul” revealed that the value of shares owned by Saudi investors decreased by about 3.28 billion riyals, to 9.580 trillion riyals, compared to 9.584 trillion riyals for the previous week..

The value of shares owned by Gulf investors fell by 74.3 million riyals to 49.85 billion riyals, compared to 49.92 billion riyals at the end of the previous week..


The general index of the Saudi market, “TASI”, decreased by 0.58%, in the week ending on January 19. / January 2023; To return to its losses after a decline that lasted 3 weeks in a row, in light of a collective decline in the major sectors.


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