Ahmed Amer: They nominated me for professionalism in Spain.. Mabkhout told me: “You have goals.”

Ahmed Amer: They nominated me for professionalism in Spain.. Mabkhout told me: “You have goals.”
Ahmed Amer: They nominated me for professionalism in Spain.. Mabkhout told me: “You have goals.”

Ittihad Kalba striker, Ahmed Amer, confirmed that he is not currently thinking about external professionalism as much as focusing on developing his technical level and moving on with the “tigers” to achieve the club’s ambition, despite the praise of many sports observers for the technical return that he presents in the ADNOC Professional League matches and scored influential goals. , Including two goals against Al-Jazira, the day before yesterday, in the match in which Kalba won 2-1 in the 13th round, indicating that coaches recommended him to play in the Spanish League due to the capabilities he enjoys.

Ahmed Amer told «Emirates Today»: «I have more than one ambition, including affirming the status of the citizen player and his ability to provide distinguished technical levels that enable him to compete with professionals coming from outside the country, and I feel proud and proud of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, member The Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, with the support and empowerment of national athletes, and I hope to live up to this confidence.

And Ahmed Amer succeeded in scoring eight goals this season, including a goal in the President’s Cup, and it is remarkable that most of the goals were scored with a distinguished technical effort that reflects clear skill or in a way of scoring similar to international stars from fixed strikes from long distances, such as his goal against Khor Fakkan And another with a back header in Al Jazira’s goal.

“Emirates Today” conducted an interview with Ahmed Amer, during which he revealed his ambitions in the stadiums to be like the stars of Al-Wahda and Al-Jazeera, Ismail Matar and Ali Mabkhout, respectively. The text of the interview follows:

■■ Do you see yourself as a professional outside the country?

■ Many have told me that I am a candidate for professionalism outside the country, but I do not think about it at the present time as much as calmly developing myself and everything will be achieved in the future. Certainly joining the national team is a national goal and duty, and foreign professionalism will come when I am qualified for that, and the important thing now is to focus on the present time and I I had previously joined the Spanish Leganes Club with the support of the Sharjah Sports Council, and I trained in its ranks and was a candidate to continue with the first team, had it not been for the Corona pandemic, because of which I returned to the country, after I was planning to stay for six months, and perhaps I would have continued further than that, and on that day the Spanish coaches were They encourage me, they tell me that you are a player who can become a professional in Spain, and you have to continue training, and I hope to invest in that at the right time.

■■ Who is the Emirati player you wish to reach his level?

■ All the players who excelled in the stadiums are my role models, but my ambition is to be worthy of that, and I hope to reach the high artistic value and stature enjoyed by Ismail Matar and Ali Mabkhout, and I am still learning and I have a long time ahead of me to achieve all my ambitions, and with training this will be achieved.

■■ What do you want to achieve with Ittihad Kalba?

■ I hope in the current season to present the best technical level, reach an advanced position in the standings of the league teams, and win the President’s Cup. This ambition requires a lot of training, focus, success, and the support of the public, and everything that pleases the fans of the smiling Emirate and Kalba in particular, and I aspire to be According to the good opinion of the sports media, including the commentators on the matches, and they all support me.


■■ What was the conversation between you and Ali Mabkhout in the last match with Al-Jazira?


■ Captain Mabkhout is one of the distinguished players. He is a role model for scorers and in everything. In every match or any sporting occasion I meet him, he encourages me with beautiful and kind words and enhances confidence in my abilities. He is one of the reasons for raising my ambition level, and he always says to me, “You are a good player and you have a future.” And he advises me, and I happily accept that, and during the last match he shook my hand, and he jokingly told me: “Speak goals,” meaning the sufficiency of scoring.

■■ Who stood behind you to become an aspiring player?

■ Everyone stood with me, beginning with the Sharjah Sports Council, the Kalba Football Company, and the Football Association during my joining the national teams in the Sunni stages. Every coach trained me, the honorable family, and many of my friends. Actively participating and encouraging patience, and I did not feel despair when I sat on the bench for a long time because I always enjoy optimism, which is my weapon.

■■ Tell us about the beauty of the goals you scored.. Did you practice on them or by chance?

■ In football, it can happen by chance once or twice, but I am always keen to practice scoring goals from different angles and directions, and many of the goals I scored did not look at the goal with my eyes but with my mind, because I realize that when I am standing in the right place I can score. And my goal against Al-Jazira will remain in my mind for a long time due to its aesthetics, tactics and importance, as it paved the way for the first victory of the Kalba team on Al-Jazira.

• «I do not look at the goal with my eyes, but with my mind».

• «External professionalism will come when I qualify for it».

• «I did not feel despair when I sat on the bench for a long time».

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