Who is Ziad Ammar on Wikipedia?

Who is Ziad Ammar on Wikipedia?
Who is Ziad Ammar on Wikipedia?

Who is Ziad Ammar on Wikipedia, who is considered one of the most prominent personalities in Lebanon, where we find many people searching for him through search engines and social networking sites because of his association with the former Miss Lebanon, in addition to being one of the prominent personalities in Lebanon because of his work and activities, and through our article Through our website, Al-Sa’a Newspaper, we will get to know together who is Ziad Ammar and Wikipedia, besides, and who is Ziad Ammar’s wife, and also learn about the reason for stopping the wedding of Ziad Ammar and Valerie Abu Shakra.

Who is Ziad Ammar on Wikipedia?

Ziad Ammar is a well-known Lebanese businessman of Christian origin, the son of the Honorary Consul of Lebanon, Elias Ammar. He was born in 1985 AD. He is thirty-six years old. He is considered one of the most famous businessmen in Lebanon. abroad. . Due to his huge business and the projects he leads, he owns and leads the famous Ziad Ammar group of companies operating in the markets and trade in Lebanon, in addition to that Ziad Ammar is a member of the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon. Beirut and Ziad also set up several projects in a number of Arab countries and countries, the most famous of which is an African located in Dubai. Recently, Arab and regional newspapers have spread the name of Ziad Ammar. abundantly. This came after his love affair and the announcement of his engagement in June 2022 to the former Miss Lebanon.

Who is Ziad Ammar’s Wife?

Prominent Lebanese businessman Ziad Ammar married Miss Lebanon and actress Valerie Abou Chacra, who was crowned Miss Lebanon in 2015, and their engagement was announced earlier in June 2022. During the engagement ceremony, Valerie wore a pink dress designed by David Koma. She conveyed the atmosphere of the ceremony to her followers through her own account on social media, and later the couple announced the news of their marriage in August 2022 AD, and after this connection, the name of businessman Ziad Ammar and his wife, Valerie Abu Shakra, was widely circulated in the media and information sites as a result of Valerie’s wide popularity. . As a result of her multiple participation in acting and the former beauty queen, as well as her participation in many programs and series that were popular in the Lebanese street in the past periods.

What is the wedding date of Ziad Ammar and Valerie Abou Chacra?

It is reported that after setting the wedding date of Ziad Ammar and Valerie, or Shakra, to a later time in 2022 AD, and as a result of the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 epidemic, some sources reported that the Lebanese security apparatus stopped the wedding of the Lebanese businessman, Ziad Ammar, and his wife, actresses Valerie Abu Shakra. A few days before the scheduled wedding date, as a precautionary measure due to the spread and escalation of the epidemic, this news caused uproar and uproar on social media, as many lovers and lovers of the newlyweds were looking forward to it. This ceremony, but then the suspension ceremony was held later.

Who is Valerie Abou Shakra?

Valerie Abou Chakra is an actress and Miss Lebanon 2015. She was born on January 15, 1992 in the capital, Beirut. She is now about thirty years old. I graduated from the American University in Lebanon after studying radio and television. is 1.70. M weighs about fifty-two kilograms, and the young artist accepts Christianity, and works in many jobs and professions, like her (program host, former miss, actress, model).


The professional life of Ziad Ammar’s wife

Valerie Abu Shakra, wife of Ziad Ammar, won the title of Miss Lebanon in 2015. She also participated in the “Dancing with the Stars” program that was held in 2016 and won third place, in addition to presenting the program (Project Runway Middle East) in the second season on MBC Four in 2017. M, and she also participated in several series and roles in a number of series, including the following

  • In 2014, she played the role of Sophie in the series Ten Obaid Zaghar in 2014.
  • And the series Al-Hiba Al-Awda, which was shown in 2022, in which she played the role of Maryam, who is loved by Jabal.
  • In addition to the 2022 TV series AD Ma Fei, in which Yasma Fawzi is embodied.
  • She also participated in the second part of the Ma Fei 2 series, with the same character, in 2022.
  • In the year 2022 AD, she participated in the series “No Trial”, in the role of lawyer Zaman Bitar.

Ziad Ammar is waiting for his first child

The businessman expressed his happiness at the pregnancy of his wife, Valerie Abu Shakra, and her expectation of her first child, and the artist, Valerie Abu Shakra, published a video clip on her Instagram account, in which a swollen belly and expressive heart drawings appeared, the interaction of a large number of them. With the fans and followers on the communication site .. Blessings descended on her, as the followers expressed their happiness with the news.

Instagram Valerie Abou Chacra

– As we mentioned earlier, the young artist and actress, the wife of the famous businessman Ziad Ammar, has a wide audience and a large number of subscribers on her account on the social networking site Instagram, and this is the result of her continuous activity. And prompted her to publish her photos and all her details to her fans in the account because she interacts a lot with her fans, which increased the demand for her account and thousands followed it in the Arab world. You can find Valerie’s account by searching for this name (valerieabouchacra), and the number of Valerie’s followers is nearly one and a half million subscribers and is constantly increasing.

Here we have reached the end of our article, through which we got to know who Ziad Ammar is on Wikipedia. We have included all the available details about the Lebanese businessman and his wife, Valerie Abu Chakra, as well as their relationship and marriage, which happened later after his previous comment, and we also talked about their expectation of their first child.



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