FilGoal | News | In the +99 .. Enppi defeats Pharco and leaves the relegation centers temporarily

FilGoal | News | In the +99 .. Enppi defeats Pharco and leaves the relegation centers temporarily
FilGoal | News | In the +99 .. Enppi defeats Pharco and leaves the relegation centers temporarily

Enppi defeated its host, Pharco, with a goal without a response, at Burj Al Arab Stadium, in the 15th round of the Egyptian League.

Enppi raised its tally to 13 points in 15th place and left the relegation centers temporarily.

While Pharco’s balance froze at 13 points in 13th place, with a goal difference from Al-Dakhiliya and Enppi.

Pharco’s bad results continued, as he won only once in the last 13 matches he played.

Also, coach Ehab Jalal achieved only one victory in 8 matches at the helm of the technical leadership of Pharco.

Enppi ended a series of 4 consecutive matches without winning, as it won for the first time since its victory over Al-Ittihad of Alexandria on January 2.

Enppi achieved its first historical victory over Pharco in the Egyptian League, after losing to it back and forth last season.

While the balance of Ehab Jalal’s victories against Enppi stopped at 3 against 5 defeats and 6 draws.

On the other hand, Talaat Youssef defeated Ihab Jalal for the sixth time, in exchange for 4 victories for Jalal.

Talaat Youssef emerged victorious in his first match in his coaching career against Pharco.

Basic sheriff for a short time

Ahmed Sherif returned to participate in Pharco’s offensive line, while keeping Shukri Najib on the bench.

On the other hand, Talaat Youssef pushed the duo, Ali Fawzi and Ahmed Eid, together to form Enppi.

Quiet run

Pharco tried to take the lead after 7 minutes with a direct free kick by Amr Gamal, but the former Al-Ahly striker hit the top of the crossbar.

Ehab Jalal was forced to use up his first change in the 11th minute when his player, Ahmed Sherif, was injured, to replace him with Shukri Naguib.


The threat occurred again by Amr Gamal, after a wonderful move by Mahmoud Hamada, who headed the ball to his colleague coming from behind, but Gamal hit the top of the crossbar in the 19th minute.


The most dangerous chances in the first half went to left-back Jaber Kamel, but his powerful ground shot in the 30th minute just passed Enppi’s goal post.

Between the two halves, Jaber Kamel did not return to the field, and Azmi Gouma replaced him in the second change for Ihab Jalal.

Pharco threatened again in the 66th minute by Ahmed Al-Bahrawi, but the intervention of Ahmed Amin Qefa, player of Enppi, at the last moment, saved the situation to a corner kick.

Talaat Youssef intervened after that and made two changes in the 70th minute, by inserting the duo Imad Mihoub and Ahmed Al-Agouz instead of Mustafa Dowidar and Ahmed Youssef.

On the other hand, Al-Bahrawi left with an injury in the ranks of Pharco, and was replaced by Yassin Merhi in the 74th minute.

Enppi’s most dangerous chance finally came in the 79th minute, with a kick off from Ali Fawzi, who strangely shot the top of Pharco’s crossbar, wasting the lead on the petroleum.

The injuries continued, so Khaled Reda, the Enppi player, was carried on a stretcher, and Mohamed Hamed replaced him with injury.

Fatal victory

The two teams tried to steal the match in the last moments, so Mohamed Hamdi fired a wonderful missile shot in the 88th minute, which was saved by Mahmoud Al-Sayed.

Shukri Naguib answered him with a low-footed shot near Qaim Enppi in the 90th minute.

The referee awarded 5 minutes of stoppage time, which was enough for Enppi to get the job done very late.

Substitute Imad Mihoub fell inside the penalty area in the fifth minute of stoppage time, amid fierce claims for a foul.

For the referee to review the side screen of the stadium and award a penalty kick to Enppi in the seventh minute of stoppage time.

Veteran Ali Fawzi embarked on the difficult task, and scored the victory goal successfully in the ninth minute of stoppage time, raising his tally to 3 goals in the competition this season, and scoring for the second consecutive match.



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