Investigations of the Beirut port explosion reveal a resounding surprise


Today, Tuesday, two sources said that the judge investigating the Beirut port explosion has charged the Lebanese Public Prosecutor and 3 other judges in connection with the tragic explosion.

accusation of the Attorney General

The two sources told Reuters: Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, who unexpectedly resumed an investigation paralyzed by high-level political resistance, charged the discriminatory public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, over the explosion that killed 220 people.

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The two sources did not specify the accusations, and it was not possible to obtain Oweidat’s comment on the accusations.


Judge Al-Bitar decided to release 5 detainees since the explosion that rocked the capital in August 2020, including two former port officials, Shafiq Marei and Sami Al-Hussein, because they left their job at the port three years before the explosion.


With the release of 5 detainees in the port file, 12 people remain arrested in this case, and according to Lebanese judicial sources, the judicial investigator rejected requests for their release that they had submitted earlier.


involvement of security officials

Al-Bitar brought charges against 8 new people, including two high-ranking security officials: the Director General of Public Security, Abbas Ibrahim, and the Director General of State Security, Tony Saliba, according to a judicial official told AFP.

Al-Bitar had claimed, a year ago, against former Prime Minister Hassan Diab, and former ministers, including Ministers of Works Youssef Fenianos and Ghazi Zuaiter, and former Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil.


The judge investigating the Beirut port explosion also requested the interrogation of both Ibrahim and Saliba, but he encountered political interference that prevented the completion of his work, with major forces, most notably Hezbollah, objecting to his work and accusing him of politicizing the file, leading to the demand for his resignation.

The investigation into the explosion was suspended in December 2021, due to lawsuits filed successively by defendants, including current deputies and former ministers, against the judicial investigator.



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