Al-Ayyam newspaper – A presidential call for an international investigation into a shipment of marches coming from Amman


> Presidential accusations against the Sultanate of Oman of arming the Houthis
> Yesterday, Monday, a Yemeni presidential official openly attacked the Sultanate of Oman, claiming that it was – apparently – involved or participating in the killing of Yemenis through Iranian drones that the Houthis use and launch on areas under government control.

This came after the security authorities in Al-Mahra border with the Sultanate of Oman thwarted, on Sunday evening, the smuggling of a shipment of drones through the Shahn land port, which included 100 drone engines that were on their way to the Houthis.

d said. Abdulmalik Al-Mikhlafi, Advisor to the President of the Republic and a member of the National Consultation and Reconciliation Committee of the Presidential Leadership Council, in a series of tweets on his Twitter account: “The Iranian killing drones used by the terrorist Houthi militia whose engines were caught smuggling through a shipping port with sister Oman reveal a lot. From the mysteries of what happened and is happening in our country.

Al-Mikhlafi called for the opening of an international and local investigation regarding this seized shipment, saying: “The leadership council, parliament and the government are called for a comprehensive investigation and to put the Yemeni people and the international community before the results.”

In another tweet, Al-Mikhlafi said: “100 drone engines belong to a terrorist group whose arming is prohibited by UN resolutions under Chapter VII. An attempt was made to smuggle them through a land port to Yemen with a sister country,” wondering how many deaths could these drones cause? How many civilian objects will be destroyed? And how much has her counterpart escaped over the course of 8 years? Doesn’t it require an international investigation?


Al-Mikhlafi confirmed, in a third tweet, that the investigations will reveal what the Yemeni people want to know, and he said: “All corridors, from the Shehen port to the Houthi-controlled areas, pass through the areas of legitimacy, which are extended and long areas that pass through military forces, provinces, points and areas, which requires knowing who Those who authorize and condone and those who facilitate and help prolong the war and destroy Yemen have tools and unscrupulous people, and the investigation must reveal all of that.


Yesterday evening, the security services in Al-Mahra said that the shipment includes parts and equipment used in the manufacture of drones, which were hidden in a commercial shipment aboard a commercial locomotive.

She added that the locomotive that was inspected and the shipment (which consisted of 100 pieces used in the manufacture of drones) were seized at the Shahn border crossing between Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman, and that it was on its way to Houthi-controlled areas.

During the past years, the security services in Al-Mahra managed to seize many shipments of weapons and drugs that were on their way to the Houthis.

The report of the UN experts of the UN Security Council on Yemen had indicated that there are land routes used by arms smugglers for the Houthis from the eastern border, in addition to the sea routes used by smuggling networks coming from Iran towards the Yemeni regions.



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