Steps to use the Google Stadia controller with other devices

Steps to use the Google Stadia controller with other devices
Steps to use the Google Stadia controller with other devices
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News Agent – Google announced that it will stop broadcasting Stadia video games as of January 18th, however, the user can continue to use the joystick with other devices via a USB cable; The firmware is updated wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.
Here is a quick look at the steps needed to do so:
Shipping and delivery
In the beginning, the user must charge the battery by at least 10%, and then connect the control arm to the computer via a USB cable.
Start update
In this step, the user must open the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, call the update page, and select the option ‘Switch to Bluetooth mode’, then the user must accept the terms and start the update process.
Unlock the console
Once the computer has recognized the joystick, it must be selected and activated via the ‘connect’ button, at which point some concentration and precision are required.
To unlock the joystick, the USB cable must be removed, then inserted again while holding the 3-dot button, and in the next step, the 3-dot button, the Auxiliary button, and the Y and A buttons must be simultaneously pressed.
software install
After the process of downloading the new firmware, it must be installed, by selecting the previously recognized joystick, which is known as ‘USB-Composite Device’.
After completing the software installation process, the controller can be paired with many computers, smartphones and tablets. Google has posted a list of compatible devices with the joystick on its support page.
Important tips
Google indicated that the availability of Bluetooth mode cannot be undone, in addition to that the firmware must be installed until the end of 2023, and once the update is installed, pressing the Stadia button and the Y button simultaneously makes the joystick in pairing mode, and there are some restrictions; The joystick does not emit any audio signals via the socket in Bluetooth mode, but this function only works when connected with a USB cable.

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