What you need to know about Apple AR/VR glasses for mixed reality


Apple plans to unveil its first AR/VR mixed reality glasses during the second quarter of this year 2023, which may bear the name Apple Reality Pro, according to the latest reports about the glasses that will support both AR and VR augmented reality technologies, after years of News about Apple’s plans to enter the world of virtual / augmented reality in preparation for the post-smartphone or post-iPhone era.

Although Apple always succeeds in preserving the secrecy of its future products before officially disclosing them, with the approaching unveiling of the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality glasses, some details have begun to emerge about the specifications and features of the glasses, which are supposed to provide users with a different experience than what is heralded. By Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook) by what you call it metaverseWhere Apple previously expressed, through a number of senior executives, its disagreement with the concept and its lack of clarity to users, which was agreed upon by many senior figures in the world of technology, such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and others.

Apple Reality Pro glasses will be available at a very high price

According to Bloomberg, the AR/VR mixed reality glasses from Apple Apple Reality Pro, which a team of 1,000 people has been working on for about 7 years, will be available first in a very expensive version, as the price of the glasses when launched is about $ 3,000, twice the price of reality glasses. The default currently available from competing companies such as Mita, HTC and others.

The virtual/augmented reality glasses from Apple have the ability to track the hand and eye

According to Mark Gurman’s press report in Bloomberg and one of the most reliable sources on Apple news, the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality glasses will support tracking of the user’s hand and eye, and it is one of the most prominent features that Apple will rely on in marketing its new product, as it will be the glasses that support all From virtual reality VR technology and augmented reality AR capable of analyzing the movement of the user’s hand based on the built-in external cameras, while it will have the ability to track the user’s eye while wearing it based on internal sensors.

The external cameras and internal sensors in the Apple Reality Pro virtual reality glasses or helmet allow the user to interact in a natural way, by pointing with the hand or moving the eye, so that elements on the screen such as buttons or application icons can be easily controlled, with the ability to use different hand movements. For more actions when using applications or playing, without the need to carry any additional accessories in the hand, which represents a major development compared to the currently available virtual reality glasses that require a hand control device.

Apple glasses will carry a control button like the Apple Watch

Reports indicate that the Apple Reality Pro virtual / augmented reality glasses will carry a main button, the Digital Crown, to control the options, similar to the distinctive button for its smart watches such as Apple Watch 8 AndApple Watch Ultra And others, which will provide the user with switching between AR mode and VR virtual reality.

Apple Reality Pro glasses will support AR / VR technologies

And in confirmation of previous reports, the latest reports on Apple glasses or helmets will support each of the AR augmented reality technology that Apple is very interested in, which integrates technology, whether explanatory information, graphics, video clips, and other applications in real reality with the aim of enhancing it, and will also support VR technology. , which makes the user immersed in a virtual world completely alternative to the real world, similar to the virtual reality glasses currently available.

An external battery to avoid overheating of the Apple glasses

In order to avoid problems with the glasses or helmet overheating when in use, Apple will provide its Reality Pro mixed reality glasses with an external battery that connects to it through a cable, so that the battery can be placed on the desk or in the user’s pocket, with a fan to reduce any possibility of overheating risks. It may hurt the face.


The battery of Apple glasses or helmet for augmented and virtual reality VR / AR can provide the user with up to two hours of use, with the ability to switch between battery units to obtain more hours, which is a battery that is about the length of two phones. iPhone 14 Pro Max Stick together about ½ inch thick.


Apple Reality Pro glasses will work as an external screen for Mac devices

One of the advantages of the AR / VR mixed reality glasses from Apple is also the possibility of using it as an external screen for Mac devices such as MacBook Air 2022 And others, so that the user can see the Mac screen in front of his eyes in VR mode, with the ability to control with the actual mouse, keyboard and trackpad on the Mac.

The main Apple applications will be available to users of its mixed reality glasses

And about the applications that will be available to users of the Reality Pro mixed reality glasses or helmet, the user will get most of the main applications on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, including the Safari browser, photo applications, mail and messages, in addition to the application Apple TV And the App Store, and Apple has developed its own engine to run virtual reality games.

Entering texts via Siri and other new technology

While Apple is developing a new technology that allows users of its AR/VR mixed reality helmet to allow the user to write by hand, the user will be able to rely on the voice assistant Siri on other Apple devices associated with the glasses, whether iPhone, iPad or Mac, to perform this task.

Apple Reality Pro glasses design

Regarding the design of Apple’s mixed reality glasses or helmet, Mark Gorman’s report in Bloomberg says that the first version is made of aluminum, glass, and fabric (often the inner lining), with a curved screen in the front from which the wearer’s eyes can appear, with headphones on the sides and a strap. A headband that helps the user secure the helmet or goggles around their head.

Watching entertainment content is an essential feature of Apple Glass

Apple expects that watching entertainment content in VR mode will be one of the main features that will be provided by its AR / VR mixed reality helmet, through companies with Disney Plus Dolby and others, with a special section for watching videos that makes the user feel like watching movies or series (eg Science fiction series and others) on a giant screen in an environment different from reality, such as a desert, a beach, or even outer space, i.e. he immerses himself in the content he watches,

A much better experience for making video calls over FaceTime

And the glasses of mixed reality from Apple Reality Pro will provide a much better experience in making video calls via FaceTime and perhaps other things. video calling appsso that the person appears with his entire face and body as it appears in reality by default in VR, with expectations that Apple will provide the feature based on AR, which means that the user will be able to conduct video chats with others as if they were sitting in front of him in the office or home.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset will work with its M2 processor

And previous reports had said that the AR / VR mixed reality helmet or glasses would come equipped with more than one processor, provided that it depends on the Apple M2 processor that the company now relies on in Macs and iPads such as iPad Pro 2022 And others, which is the processor that provides the user with great capabilities, in addition to an additional co-processor to process the data collected by the sensors built into the helmet, with a large random access memory of 16 GB.



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