Saudi Airlines announces your visa ticket program to visit the Kingdom and perform Umrah without a visa (how to obtain it)

Saudi Airlines announces your visa ticket program to visit the Kingdom and perform Umrah without a visa (how to obtain it)
Saudi Airlines announces your visa ticket program to visit the Kingdom and perform Umrah without a visa (how to obtain it)

Saudi Airlines has revealed that the “Your Visa Ticket” program is about to be issued, which will be fully announced soon. This program allows you to enter the Kingdom and tour it for 4 consecutive days. It is also possible to perform Umrah rituals during these days. Follow all the details with us through this. the article.

Your Visa Ticket Program

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This program will be announced in detail soon, which will make it easier for those wishing to enter the Kingdom and perform Umrah. Airlines confirmed that this program will increase the demand for international flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 40%.

She added that the first and last goal of this program is for Saudi Arabia to be a resting point for travelers and a great opportunity for them to roam inside it and perform Umrah for a period of up to 96 hours, and after that they can complete their journey.

She also added that she wants to increase the number of visitors to the Kingdom annually, so that the number of visitors reaches 100 visitors annually, within the framework of Vision 2030, and the airlines confirmed that this program is not only specialized for Jeddah Airport, but includes all airports in the Kingdom to receive visitors from all countries.

Abdullah Al-Shahrani, spokesman for the airlines, said that the program directly links between the ticket and the entry visa, and asks you directly about buying the ticket, do you need a visa or not? And the procedure is completed quickly after your approval.

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Does Saudi Airlines allow online check-in?

Your Visa Ticket Program

Yes, you allow it.

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Does Saudi Airlines provide online seat selection?

Yes, airlines allow that.

How to book Saudi Airlines tickets?

Through the Wego application or the official website of the airlines from here.

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