Saudi celebrity Rahaf Al-Qahtani challenges Sama Al-Masry with a scandalous dance compass..Watch before deletion


Arts – Books by Saad Mahmoud – Rahaf Al-Qahtani published a video clip, through her personal account on the Snapchat application, in which she appeared dancing inside her car, expressing her happiness that her father paid for her watch.

Rahaf Al-Qahtani was subjected to a torrent of criticism, especially since it was not the first time that the famous fashionista, Boudh Nakha, appeared dancing.

Rahaf Al-Qahtani danced, and Rahaf Al-Qahtani appeared, wearing a black abaya, dancing inside her car, sending a message to her father, in which she said: “I am very happy that you paid for my watch.”

This is not the first time that the Saudi fashionista, Rahaf Al-Qahtani, has published a video clip in which she is dancing, as a dancer appeared during her visit to her friend Maryam bint Abdulaziz,

Where she documented, through her account, an invitation from the latter to her, and Rahaf Al-Qahtani appeared, dancing to the tunes of a song, “Biscotta Crispy Cutia”, by festivals singer Hassan Shakoush and his colleague Hamada Magdy, and commented, “As long as in Egypt remains Egyptian songs.”

She also danced inside her car, where she swayed to the tunes of the festival, indicating with her hand that there was more dancing.


Rahaf Al-Qahtani always raises controversy with the video clips that she publishes through her personal account, in which she is accused of stirring up controversy on social media platforms.


A large segment of her audience also accuses her of audacity, especially in light of her publication of a large number of looks that raise controversy and show her elegance and grace. Before this clip, Rahaf Al-Qahtani published a group of pictures that some described as bold and exposed her to widespread criticism.

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