Raw results: Brock Lesnar sends a message to Bobby Lashley!


Today’s Raw show was indeed a historic show, especially with the wonderful celebration marking the 30th anniversary of its first episode. The show witnessed the return of many legends, in addition to a group at the height of the excitement of the fights, led by the fight for the United States title between Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory, during which everyone was surprised by the appearance of Brock Lesnar to attack the two. Let’s review with you the full results of the Raw show in detail.

Hulk Hogan opens Raw

Paul Heyman presented evidence proving that Sami Zayn is a traitor to Bloodline

Jay Uso presents evidence proving Sami Zayn’s loyalty to The Bloodline, which makes Roman Reigns pardon him and declare him not guilty.

The Usos defeated The Judgment Day to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship


The Undertaker returns and helps Bray Wyatt attack The Night Knight


The match between Becky Lynch and Bayley in the steel cage did not start due to Damage Control’s heinous assault

The legendary DX team with Kurt Angle is boycotted by Team Imperium

Seth “Frickin’” Rollins and The Street Profits defeated Imperium

Bianca Blair defeats Sonya Deville

Brock Lesnar returns to help Austin Theory defeat Bobby Lashley to retain the United States Championship



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