The cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh

The cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh
The cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh

This is the cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh, or what women are looking for when they learn of their pregnancy. The woman starts searching here and there for the best maternity hospital in terms of hygiene and providing medical care for her and her child, in addition to the staff of doctors so that she can be reassured about herself and her newborn, so we offer every pregnant woman A resident of Riyadh, this article makes it easier for her to choose the cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh, according to the correct medical standards.

The cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh

Kingdom Hospital is one of the most prominent hospitals in Saudi Arabia and is considered one of the most important achievements of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud. This hospital is equipped with the highest possible medical standards. From early Saturday morning until Thursday evening, except for Friday, which is her day off. You can contact the hospital before going to her to find out the details at 0966920000751.

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Al-Iman Hospital is also available in the city of Riyadh, as it is one of the best hospitals in Riyadh for maternity, and its importance is no less important than the Kingdom Hospital in terms of providing capabilities and health care. And working to take care of the mother and the child and make them in good condition, the hospital works around the clock throughout the week, you can call their number: 0966114471900.

Cheap maternity hospital in Riyadh

There is also a selection of inexpensive Riyadh hospitals and their prices are within reach, and perhaps the most prominent of this group:

  • Mouwasat Hospital: which provides the best of its medical care for the mother and child from the start of the mother’s presence until her departure from the hospital, while providing special follow-up for her.
  • Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mishari Hospital: The hospital has provided care for pregnant women since its inception in 1987, and it has been able to gain the trust of patients due to the special care it provides for the mother and fetus.

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Best maternity hospital

Best maternity hospital

After getting acquainted with the cheapest maternity hospital in Riyadh, we introduce you to the best maternity hospitals in Riyadh in terms of standards that guarantee your safety and that of the child, the most prominent of which are:

Victoria Hospital – Riyadh

It has a staff of doctors with experience and high efficiency in obstetrics and care for the woman and the child. The hospital has an honorable history in providing health care to patients. The hospital is located in Khurais sub-road, Al-Rawdah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The hospital operates throughout the week throughout the day. You can communicate on a mobile : 00966112099999.

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Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital

One of the oldest and best maternity hospitals in Riyadh specialized in obstetrics. A group of doctors with skills and experience in obstetrics works in the hospital, with a staff of women doctors with a high level of competence. For communication and reservations, you can call: 00966115259999.

Obstetrics and gynecology clinics

One of the best clinics for obstetrics and gynecology in Riyadh. The clinics provide special services and care for the mother and fetus from the beginning of pregnancy until birth. The clinics are located in Sheikh Abdullah Ababtain Street, Al Rayyan, Riyadh. Contact: 00966114909999.

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Delivery prices in Riyadh hospitals 2023

Knowing the prices of childbirth is one of the priorities of women when searching for the hospital in which to give birth, due to the variation in prices and the variation in physical condition and its difference from one woman to another. Therefore, the Kingdom’s hospitals offer a package of cheap government hospitals, including:

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  • Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital: The cost of a normal delivery is 7,650 riyals, while a cesarean delivery costs the equivalent of 16,575 Saudi riyals.
  • Dallah Hospital: The cost of a caesarean section is about 16,500 riyals, while a normal delivery is about 8,000 riyals.
  • Victoria Hospital: Prices for natural childbirth are offered at a cost of 7,000 riyals for a private room at a price of 8,000 riyals for a private suite, and a cesarean delivery costs about 13,500 riyals for a private room and 14,500 riyals for a private suite.
  • Al Hammadi Hospital: The cost of a normal delivery is 8,000 riyals, and the cost of a cesarean delivery is 18,000 riyals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the price of childbirth in a private hospital in Riyadh?

Prices for normal childbirth range from 3,500 riyals in Al Hayat National Hospital, with a private room and two-day stay.

How much is the price of childbirth in the Kingdom Hospital?

The cost of a normal delivery at Kingdom Hospital is about 7,700 Saudi riyals.

How much is the price of childbirth in Specialty Medical Hospital?

The price of a caesarean section is approximately 12,000 riyals, while a normal delivery is 5,500 Saudi riyals.

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