Daughter of a former Yemeni president and wife of Melhem Zain.. Tamani’s appearance enjoys wide interaction


The appearance of the Yemeni lady Tamani, the wife of the Lebanese artist Melhem Zain, received great interaction on the communication sites, during her participation in the “Joy Awards” ceremony, the “Entertainment Makers Award” in the 2023 edition, which was held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The audience praised Tamani’s appearance at the huge party, as they flirted with her beauty. One of the followers wrote on her Twitter account after she published pictures of Melhem Zain’s wife: “I was very surprised by the look of Melhem Zain’s wife at the ceremony, which is modest, elegant and appropriate.”

The interaction also came about the appearance of Melhem Zain and his wife, the latter being less visible in artistic and media events, as the Lebanese artist is keen that his family life be far from the limelight, and this is what he stated on media occasions.

The story of Melhem Zain and his wife dating

Melhem Zain married Tamani in 2008, the daughter of former southern Yemeni President Ali Salem Al-Beidh, and he had Ali, Fatima, Hussein and Zainab.

Melhem Zain’s story began with Tamale when the latter was one of his biggest admirers, so she asked her father to invite him to celebrate her birthday party, and thus the meeting with his wife was on her birthday, which he revived without having any prior knowledge between them.


Then, when she and her family visited Lebanon, he invited her to lunch, and his admiration for her increased, and this admiration culminated in marriage in 2008, in the midst of a party described as legendary that included many artistic, social, and political personalities.


Tamani Al-Beidh graduated from the Faculty of Arabic Language at Sana’a University, and worked in many fields, including the world of fashion, and excelled in her field and was able to participate in many fashion shows.

It is noteworthy that Melhem Zain’s fame began since he participated in the “Arab Superstar” tests to discover talent in his first season, and he and the artist Diana Karazon, who won the title, reached the finals, in addition to the artist Ruwaida Attia, but he left the program in the final qualifiers.

After his participation in this program, he was titled “The Leader of the Lebanese Song”, and he achieved a lot of fame through his first songs, including “Alawah, Ghibi Ya Shams, and You Mishiti”, Melhem also participated as a member of the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon, and he also participated in the program “ The Voice Senior” as a member of the jury.



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