Tamer Hosni accuses Miley Cyrus of stealing the idea of ​​”He spoiled me”. Does Google Translator prove his point? | news


The star, Tamer Hosni, accused the American star, Miley Cyrus, of stealing the idea of ​​​​his song “Hadalani” in her new song, “Flowers.”

And Tamer Hosni published, through the “Story” feature on his Instagram account, a picture of the clip of Miley Cyrus’s new song, and wrote, commenting on it: “So that you know that the Arabs are rigid and former.

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Posted by Tamer Hosni

We went to the automatic translator of the Google search engine to compare the lyrics of the two songs, especially that Tamer Hosni’s song and Miley Cyrus’ song revolve around one idea, which is self-love, and the translation showed a match in some clips and meanings.

In Tamer Hosni’s song, this passage appears:

Excuse me again.. We are in a mortal world
And at a time if you need it
I need a hand to warm you up, keep holding your second hand

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Miley Cyrus

On the other hand, the following is included in the song:

And I can hold my own hand
Yeah, I can love me better than you can
Can love me better


Translated, I can hold my hand, and love myself better than you can love me.


And Tamer Hosni’s song says in another clip: “He rocked me and made me laugh. I will dance for me, sing for me, and listen to me,” and also: “If I ask that I speak, I will speak and I will hear me.”

Miley Cyrus

While the song Miley Cyrus says: Talk to myself for hours, and I can take myself dancing, and its translation: I can talk to myself for hours, and dance with myself.

Tamer says in his song: “Before I go home, surprise me and bring me a gift.”

Tamer Hosny

It is noteworthy that the song “Hadalani” is from the movie “I Love You” by Tamer Hosni, and it is one of his words, composed by Moody Mounir, and distributed by Jizo.

On the other hand, Tamer Hosni continues the preparations for his next movie “Taj”, in which he is responsible for writing the script and dialogue in addition to being the owner of the film’s story, and he is collaborating in it for the second time with director Sarah Wafik, after the movie “Mish Ana”.

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