Ola Ghanem breaks her silence and explains the scenes of her marital failure


The artist topped Ola Ghanem The talk of social media platforms, after revealing the reasons for her failure in marital life, and the news that she filed a lawsuit to divorce her husband, which was postponed by the Family Court in Qasr al-Nil ‘to the beginning of next November.

Today, Tuesday, the Qasr al-Nil family court postponed a case Ola Ghanem To a session on February 4, in order to take action to respond to the arbitrator.

Counselor Asim Qandil was a “lawyer” who filed a suit for divorce from his client, the artist Ola Ghanem, in the Family Court in Qasr al-Nil against her husband for “harm” because of marital disputes between them, as he submitted a request to dismiss the case from the head of the court in order to reconcile the plaintiff with the defendant, before the Family Court in Qasr al-Nil decided. According to (Cairo 24)

Ola Ghanem reveals the reasons for the failure of married life

Earlier, I spoke Actress Ola GhanemAbout her three marriages, during her interview with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, on the Last Word program, via Channel One.

She said, “The first husband was traditional because of my family because he trusted their opinion, and I was 17 years old. We knew each other, he was in high school and I was in middle school, and the issue went on and we got married, and we separated after 4 and a half years.”

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And she continued Ola GhanemWe broke up because the relationship wanted a job, and because of our young age, we used to act in a way that if we had the same brain as us now, we would not act like that. According to (Masrawy)


As for the second marriage, she explained Ola Ghanem She was motivated by the motive of getting rid of the state of loneliness in which she was living, and because of her mother’s insistence on her to get rid of the idea of ​​her remaining a “single” for 11 years, she said: “My mother told me the sufficiency of loneliness is 11 years old single, and the girls were with their father for 3 or 4 years in secondary school, and this was A wrong passport that lasted 7 months, the choice and we separated.


As revealed Ola Ghanem In other statements, about new details about her second marriage, she said: “My second husband hit me in front of my daughters, and in it was the breaking of all my motherhood and the hope of my daughters. in their lives”.

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And the Egyptian artist continued: “I had problems from the first month. I was trying to change, better and adjust, but I failed because there are decisions to take, even if your heart and mind say no.”

Ola Ghanem’s return to drama after a break

mention that Actress Ola Ghanem She returned to the TV drama after an absence of 6 years, as she contracted to star in the series “Toha”, which is scheduled to be shown within the map of the Ramadan drama this year 2023, with the participation of the artists: Ahmed Badir, Intisar, Abed Anan, Donia Al-Masry, and others, and directed by Muhammad Al-Nukli.




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