Pamela Anderson reveals a huge offer by Sylvester Stallone to make her body just for him!


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homelandPamela Anderson has lifted the veil over her love life, claiming that “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone once made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Porsche flat and car

“He offered me an apartment and a Porsche to be his first girl,” says Pamela Anderson, 55, in her new Netflix documentary. And he alone.”

And about her reaction, Pamela said: “I laughed and asked him, does this mean that there is a number 2?”

Pamela claimed that the “Rocky” star once made her an offer, which she turned down

But Stallone, 76, argued with her that his proposal was as good as gold, according to Anderson.

She revealed, “He said, ‘That’s the best offer you’ll ever get, honey.’” You’re in Hollywood now.”

Pamela says Stallone offered her an apartment and a Porsche as his first girl. And only him

Adding that she immediately rejected the offer without hesitation.

“I wanted to be in love,” Anderson says. I didn’t want anything less.”


Stallone reps: ‘It didn’t happen’

However, Stallone’s reps told The Post that this vulgar request never happened.


A spokesperson for the Oscar-nominated actor said: “The statement attributed by Pamela Anderson to my client is false and fabricated. Mr. Stallone asserts that he did not give any part of this interview.”

Stallone’s reps said that this vulgar request never happened

Anderson went on to find love with a slew of other notable people.

In the steamy documentary, the Canadian-American actress shares the less-fuss details. But she is imbued with audacity from her previous romantic adventures with stars in the nineties such as Scott Baio, 62, Diane Kane, 56, star Kelly Slater, 50, and Eric Ness, 51.

Anderson went on to find love with a slew of other notable people

Harassment, rape and sexual video leakage

Notably, Anderson, who has been married five times to four different men, talks about her failed marriages to drummer Tommy Lee, 60, and professional poker player Rick Salomon, 54.

Pamela has been married five times, to four different men

In another part of the film, she discusses her experience of sexual harassment and rape, her career as an actress and model for Playboy magazine, and her disdain for her Primetime Emmy-nominated Hulu series Bam and Tommy. Which detailed the leaked sex video of her and a video of her honeymoon with Lee in 1995.



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