Menna Fadali’s assistant attends her mother’s funeral, with legal assistance from Dina El-Sherbiny

Menna Fadali’s assistant attends her mother’s funeral, with legal assistance from Dina El-Sherbiny
Menna Fadali’s assistant attends her mother’s funeral, with legal assistance from Dina El-Sherbiny

In a humanitarian situation, the star, Dina El-Sherbiny, provided legal support to help the artist, Menna Fadali, who was accused of theft. In order to attend the funeral of her mother, who died as soon as she learned of the theft.

And according to a legal source, the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, went to appear before the investigation authorities in El-Gamalia, yesterday, Monday, to ask her about accusing Ibtisam Fawzy, the artist’s assistant, Menna Fadali, of stealing her golden artifacts while working with her, and Dina made a waiver of the previous accusation to the accused, and made statements that help “legally” change The decision of the Egyptian Public Prosecution to detain the accused for 4 days pending investigations, to become a release.

“Madam Net” learned that the assistant, Menna Fadali, and her sister are accused in two cases, the first being the theft of Dina El-Sherbiny’s jewelry, and the second being the promotion of false news, after claiming that the assistant was kidnapped.

The source indicated that the accused said that she had previously worked for the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, and that there were differences between them about the details of the work, and she decided to leave her, and go to work for the artist, Menna Fadali.

She indicated that the gold jewelry that her sister was seized with inside a gold shop in the Al-Gamaleya area belonged to her and her sister, and that she had asked her to sell them.

The case file is still open

The investigation authorities issued their decision to release the accused, but the case file is still open. Where the prosecution requested to provide it with the invoices for the jewelry, and to hear the statements of the seller who submitted the original communication.

According to the Egyptian police investigations, the Egyptian security managed to arrest the assistant of the artist, Menna Fadali, who was accused of stealing the artist’s jewelry, Dina El-Sherbiny. The police were able to arrest the accused in flagrante delicto while selling jewelry in a goldsmith’s shop.

The family of the actress, Menna Fadali, revealed the death of her mother upon hearing the news of her arrest, and sources confirmed that some family members tried to communicate with Dina El-Sherbiny to waive the communication submitted by her, and it is not yet known whether she will respond and waive or insist on completing the investigations.

Egyptian police reveal the truth

And the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior circulated an official explanation to reveal the circumstances of the disappearance of an assistant, Menna Fadali, in which she said: “After monitoring the circulation of a post accompanied by a picture of a woman on the personal account of one of the artists on the social networking site “Facebook”, which includes her seeking help from the disappearance of her “assistant”, claiming that she had been kidnapped. And conducting investigations, it was possible to identify the owner of the photo, and it was found that she is a housewife residing in the Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra Police Department in Cairo.


And the clarification continued: “And that on the 20th of this January, she was seized for displaying gold artifacts of “unknown source” in one of the goldsmiths’ shops in the Al-Gamaleya Police Department, and by confronting her, she admitted that it was the proceeds of a theft incident by way of negligence from another artist. Legal action has been taken against it. The Public Prosecution office took over the investigation.


He added, “By completing the examination, it was found that the arrested sister of the accused works as an assistant to the artist who published the publication, and that she promoted these allegations contrary to the truth.”

Several heroines, in addition to Menna Fadali, are participating in the series “Jaafar El-Omda”, starring Mohamed Ramadan, including the star Zina, the artist Iman El-Assi and the artist Mai Kassab.

It is noteworthy that, last Saturday, Menna Fadali asked for help in finding her personal assistant, who disappeared 48 hours ago before arriving at the filming site, and no trace of her was found inside hospitals or police stations, and she said that the assistance was on its way to the Media Production City, taking a taxi, and suddenly it was closed. her phone.

Menna posted the distress call on her Facebook account, saying: “Good morning to all of you. Unfortunately, I am in a situation where I do not know how to act. My assistant has disappeared, and she has come to me for imaging since the day before yesterday, and all of this is her family looking for her in hospitals and departments.

She continued telling the story, saying: “The last thing I needed was an Uber rider, and she was coming to the city, after which her phone was turned off, and from 6 o’clock in the evening, and opened a minute at 12 o’clock at night, we didn’t know what to do, and we waited for 24 hours to make a report, some hospitals are not there.”

And she added: «It is clear that she was kidnapped, and my truth is that I do not know what to do, and this is the first time that I do not know how to act. So whoever can help me will be much better. She lives in the corner, and unfortunately I don’t have any details, not the number of the Uber car; Because it was not visible or anything. Please, whoever can do something, keep a lot of good.”

Menna received several tips to track the mobile phone, and inform the taxi company of the incident to review the assistance itinerary, while some suggested publishing her picture so that everyone who knows information about her can communicate with her family, and Menna deleted all posts immediately after the Egyptian police statement was issued.

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