Books worth reading in 2023: From Harry’s diary to Zadie Smith’s novel

Books worth reading in 2023: From Harry’s diary to Zadie Smith’s novel
Books worth reading in 2023: From Harry’s diary to Zadie Smith’s novel

This year we are promised several interesting releases, from interesting personal memoirs and the return of big names in the world of literature to some enticing debuts. Here are the titles we recommend reading in 2023:

Spare by Prince Harry

Since stepping down as a senior royal, Prince Harry has made it clear he wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps wherever possible. Could this provocatively titled memoir be considered an Andrew Morton-style grenade attempt?

After leaving the royal family, Harry can now at least put his name on the cover. But after Harry and Meghan posted hours of self-aggrandizing content on Netflix and Spotify, the public may be getting tired of them. We’ll have to wait and see if the much-delayed memoir penned in what appears to be The Man I Became, Not the Prince I Was When I Was Born turns out to be as fanciful as expected.

Release date January 10th

Victory City by Salman Rushdie

The world was shocked when novelist Salman Rushdie, a lifelong advocate for freedom of expression, was attacked while giving a lecture on the stage of a cultural center in New York last year. After years of living in fear of a fatwa issued by the Iranian leadership in 1989, Rushdie finally said his life was starting to look “normal” again. The publication of his fourteenth novel, and the first since the accident, is bound to see the literary world embrace one of its most important figures.

Release date February 9th

Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton

New Zealand writer Eleanor Catton’s latest novel, her first since the Booker Prize-winning “The Luminaries” was released in 2014, early on as excellent. a psychological thriller about an activist “revolutionary gardening group”; A mix of popular BBC gardening presenter Monty Don and environmental activist Extinction Rebellion.

Release date: March 2

Why Women Grow by Alice Vincent

What drives women to go earthbound? In her beautifully written third book, Alice Vincent, the most followed gardening account on Instagram, meets women from across the country who show off their gardens and talk about what attracts them to the natural world.

Release date: March 2

Don’t Think, Dear by Alice Robb

In this memoir, former American Ballet student Alice Robb explores the extreme physical and psychological demands of ballet dancers. Woven from the personal story of Rob, her classmates, and ballet icons like Misty Copeland and Margot Fontaine, this book is a long-awaited contemporary re-examination of this exhausting art form.

Release date: March 2

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Paris: The Memoir by Paris Hilton

This is an exciting book. Two decades after Paris Hilton exemplified a new breed of celebrity, she publishes a memoir of her life. Her book will look back on her time as a young celebrity in the pre-#MeToo era, as well as her experience with undiagnosed ADHD.


Release date: March 14th


Rosewater by Liv Little

Elsie, 28, is a tired woman working a low-paying job, at the mercy of the London housing market. This first novel by Liv Little, founder of gal-dem, a magazine that specializes in stories of women of color and queer gender, is a look at the lives of millennials in the city. A modern black British love.

Release date: April 20

August Blue by Deborah Levy

A literary darling, Deborah Levy continues her successful live-action biopic series with a new novel about a woman discovering her double life. Levi is the patron saint of contemporary nonfiction: expect language evocative and questions inquiring.

Release date: May 4

Pageboy by Elliot Page

When Elliot Page announced the publication of his memoirs, he admitted that he had been asked to write about his life many times before – but only felt he was finally able to do so. The Juno star, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in a Leading Role in 2008, and who revealed his transformation into a man in 2020, appears to have written a tender and candid account of his life so far, including “details from behind the scenes,” as well as ” Intimate interrogations about sex, love, trauma, and Hollywood.

Release date: June 6

The Situationship by Tyler Dior Rumple

When you go out on dates with someone but you don’t know what the fate of the relationship will be and neither party makes promises to the other, this situation is called a “non-committal relationship”. This is also what the connection between Tia and Nate, the two main characters in Tyler Dior’s debut novel Rumble, the first romantic comedy to come out of British rapper Stormzy’s Merky Books, is like.

Release date: August 17

“The Fraud” by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith’s first novel since her sweet 2016 novel, Swing Time, is also her first time writing a historical novel. It is based on a true (and sensational) Victorian trial in which a man claimed to be Sir Robert Tichborne, a baron believed to have died in a shipwreck. The stranger-than-fiction story features a cast of real-life characters, from Eliza Toucher, an acquaintance of Charles Dickens, to Andrew Bogle, an ex-slave turned key witness at the trial.

Release date: Sept. 7

Jada Pinkett Smith memoir

Her husband made headlines in 2022 after the infamous Oscar slap, but Jada Pinkett Smith will tell her side of the story in an “unbanned” memoir, due out in the fall. The book will detail many things, from her upbringing to her struggles with mental health, as well as her “complicated marriage” to Will Smith.

Release Date [المرتقب]: fall 2023



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