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Italian media published excerpts from a book by German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, who won the position of a bishop without a diocese accusing Pope Francis In it with accusations including nepotism, he said that Francis surrounded in Vatican With “a kind of magic circle made up of people unqualified theologically from my point of view,” he was quoted by newspapers, including the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Müller added that the pope prefers these people “who are even used to appoint bishops and cardinals” over institutional channels.

It is noteworthy that Mueller is one of three German cardinals allowed to participate in choosing the new pope during a secret meeting. Mueller was close to The late Pope Benedict XVI In 2012, he was appointed dean of the powerful Romanian Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Francis withdrew Mueller from the deanship of the synod in 2017 after one term in this position. Mueller told Vatican expert Franca Giansolati that the impact of Francis’ decision was for him “like a bolt of lightning that came out of a clear sky.”

Mueller’s book will be published in the coming days, titled “In Good Faith”.

It is noteworthy that Mueller was born in the German city of Mainz, and he is a former bishop of the city of Regensburg.

Mueller was charged the pope He also dealt with priests affiliated with him who had been convicted or prosecuted for crimes sexual violationless than the way he treats others. Mueller believed that the Italian Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Picchu “was humiliated and punished in front of the whole world without having a chance to defend himself.”

The Italian cardinal is currently on trial in a financial scandal involving the improper purchase of a luxury home in London.

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  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    He died after his health deteriorated

    The German resigned Pope Benedict XVI, whose abdication surprised the entire world in 2013, died Saturday morning at the age of 95, as announced by the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI’s health has been fragile for years. It has deteriorated dramatically in recent days.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    The first German pope in 700 years

    On April 19, 2005, at exactly five o’clock, white smoke rose in the Vatican, signaling the selection of a new pope for the Catholic Church. German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI. He is the first German pope in 700 years to sit on the Holy See in Rome.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Chance leads the pope to his motherland

    And it happened that his first trip abroad was to his homeland, Germany, to the city of Cologne, in August 2005, during the World Forum of Catholic Youth, which was visited by more than six hundred thousand visitors.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    million worshipers

    The highlight of the trip was the Divine Liturgy, which the Pope celebrated in Virgin Mary’s Square outside Cologne on August 21. This mass, which was attended by about a million visitors, marked the end of the youth forum, and some of the attendees spent the night in the square waiting for the concluding prayer of the forum.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Visit the Bavarian home

    Since his accession to the papal chair, Pope Benedict XVI has promised the bishops of Bavaria to visit them soon. In September 2006, the Bavarian pope visited his home for six days. The first city he visited was Munich, where 70,000 people were waiting for him.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Visit to the hometown

    The pope also visited his hometown, the village of Marktel am Inn, near the Austrian border. The picture shows the residence where Pope Benedict XVI was born.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Speech University of Regensburg

    Another stop in Bayern was the University of Regensburg, where the Pope of the Vatican gave a lecture, which sparked strong reactions in the Islamic world. Pope Benedict XVI quoted a sentence from a Byzantine Caesar who linked Islam to violence, and that lecture led to the outbreak of huge demonstrations in Islamic countries.

  • Papst be such in Freising 2006

    Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Last stop – the city of Freising

    The Pope’s last stop on his second trip to his hometown was the city of Freising, where he held the position of Cardinal of Freising and Munich, before heading to Rome at the invitation of former Pope John Paul II. At Freising Cathedral, the Pope spoke with the bishops about the state of the German Church before leaving the country.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Visit to the German Parliament

    In September 2011, the Pope made his third visit to Germany, where he visited the German Parliament (Bundestag) and delivered a speech in it, as the first Pope to deliver a speech in Parliament. At the Brandenburg Gate, a group of people gathered to protest against the Pope’s visit, and fifty members of Parliament boycotted the Pope’s speech.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Mass in the Olympic stadium and demonstrations in the city

    On the same night, the Pope held a mass at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, attended by 61,000 people, as well as the German President and German Chancellor. At the same time, demonstrations took place against the Pope. Among the demonstrators were members of the German parliament.

  • Stations of his life.. German Pope Benedict says goodbye

    Back to the Vatican

    The next day the Pope went to the cities of Erfut and Freiburg, to return in the evening to Rome. Despite his special relationship with his motherland, it is planned that the resigned Pope Benedict XVI and former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger will live in the Vatican, as he wants to live in a monastery to devote himself to worship. Arne Lichtenberg/Abbas Al-Khashali

    Author: Arne Lichtenberg / Abbas Al-Khashali



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