She sat on the throne of the trend.. The wife of the artist, Samer Al-Masry, caught the eye with her beauty at the “Joy Awards” ceremony.. A retired artist! – “picture”

She sat on the throne of the trend.. The wife of the artist, Samer Al-Masry, caught the eye with her beauty at the “Joy Awards” ceremony.. A retired artist! – “picture”
She sat on the throne of the trend.. The wife of the artist, Samer Al-Masry, caught the eye with her beauty at the “Joy Awards” ceremony.. A retired artist! – “picture”

Yesterday the artist arrived Samer Al-Masry To attend the activities of the third edition of the entertainment makers awards ceremony joy awards At the Boulevard Square, art stars flocked to attend the ceremony.

The Syrian artist was keen to accompany his wife, the Mu’tazila artist Nevin Azzam whose identity surprised a large number of the audience.

Comments poured in on the distinguished presence of Samer Al-Masry and his wife, praising her elegance and remarkable beauty, wishing them a happy and comfortable life as a couple and the continuity of friendship and love between them.

Samer Al-Masry and his wife at the Joy Awards 2023

Samer Al-Masry’s wife

It is noteworthy that Samer Al-Masry married the retired artist Nevin Azzam in 1996, and he has “Omar”, “Yasmine”, and “Ward”, who owns a production company bearing his name, and in private statements, the Syrian star confirmed that he is happy with his family, which he considers the most precious thing in Al-Wujud, praising the patience of his wife, who accompanied him in all his difficult and successful days, describing her as a very patient person, and as his mistress every day, and his love for her will remain eternal.

Joy Awards Gala

The joy awards ceremony, in its third session, in the city of Riyadh under the auspices of the Entertainment Authority, witnessed the presence of many stars in the Arab world in various fields of art, and more than 70 stars.

The artist Rania Youssef, the artist Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, the artist Rahma Ahmed, the young actress Amira Adib, the journalist Mustafa Al-Agha, the artist Ahmed Eid, the critic Tariq Al-Shennawy, the artist Ahmed Fahmy, the artist Alaa Morsi, the artist Latifa attended.

The category of the best singer in the Joy Awards, content makers, is witnessing a competition between singer Amr Diab, the great singer Abdel Majeed Abdullah, the artist Rashid Al Majed and the artist Majid Al Mohandes.

The list includes in the category of the best singer: the singer Angham, the singer Asala, the artist Nancy Ajram and the artist Elissa.

In the category of the best song, the famous rapper Wajeez competes with the song “Al-Bakht”, the singer Asala, with the song “Shukran”, in front of the artist Nancy, so she is present with the song “Sah, Sah”, and Elisa and Saad Lamjarred with the song “From the First Minute”.

It is worth noting that the category of cinema (favorite actor) is witnessing competition: the artist Karim Abdelaziz for the movie “Kira and the Jinn”, Ahmed Helmy for the movie “Wahid Tani”, Tim Hassan for the movie “Al-Hiba”, and Ahmed Ezz for the movie “Kira and the Jinn”. It was won by the star Ahmed Ezz

In the Favorite Actress (Cinema) category, actress Menna Shalaby, artist Hind Sabry, artist Mona Zaki and artist Asmaa Abu El Yazid are competing.


The ceremony is scheduled to witness the presence of a group of art stars Egypt And the Arab world, including Laila Elwi, Basil Khayyat, Qusai Khouli, Karim Abdelaziz, Ahmed Helmy, Latifa, Hassan Al-Raddad, Ahmed Eid, Jamal Suleiman, Mirhan Hussein.


The General Entertainment Authority announced the international guests of the party, who are: the star Mel Gibson, the star Amitabh Bachchan, the Turkish artist Engin Akyurek, the Turkish actress Dimit Ozdemir, the Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, the Spanish actress Esther, and the American director Michael Bay.

joy awards comes in its third edition after the great success achieved in the first and second editions, in the presence of stars and stars of art from all over the world.

Exodus movie

The artist, Samer Al-Masry, received wide acclaim during the Syrian film “Exodus”, which was shown recently at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, which was held in the presence of elite filmmakers around the world. », in the presence of the heroes and makers of the film, headed by the stars Samer Al-Masry and Kinda Alloush.

The Syrian star, Samer Al-Masry, revealed, in press statements, the details of the experience in full, and said that the movie “Exodus” is a difficult but beautiful experience on all levels, praising his first cinematic experience with director Kaadan, and Samer continued: “My interest and passion for the experience began with reading the first lines in the script.” At the time, I felt that it was an obligation to participate in this human condition presented by the film, its director and author.

It is indicated that Exodus movie Written and directed by Soudad Kaadan and filmed in Turkey, starring Kinda Alloush, Samer Al-Masry, Hala Zain, Nizar Al-Ani, and Darina El-Gendy.

“Stelto” series

In the drama, the Syrian star starred in “Stelto seriesWhich was shown recently at 9 pm on MBC4, and a day before on the Shahid VIP application.

The work tells the story of 4 women and 4 men, who meet after many years, which leads to the opening of the pages of the past and the problems and previous incidents they bear in their childhood, within a framework of suspense and excitement.

As for the meaning of the name of the series “Stiletto”, its protagonists indicated that Stiletto means high heels or a dagger.

The series “Stelto” starring Karis Bashar, Dima Kandalaft, Rita Harb, Nada Abu Farhat, Badi Abu Shaqra, Samer Al-Masry, Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Carlos Azar, Nour Ali, Michel Hourani, Nawal Kamel, Amal Talib and others.

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