The newest and most powerful Jarir offers for mobile phones in Saudi Arabia


With the advent of the new Gregorian year 2023, Jarir Bookstore, in all its branches spread across the Kingdom, offers a variety of Jarir offers for mobile phones, as the library has many wonderful brands of mobile phones that have high specifications and capabilities, and are accepted by many customers.

Jarir mobile offers

Jarir mobile offers

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There are many Jarir offers for mobile phones that suit the needs and requirements of many customers, and are characterized by high discount rates that contribute to saving customers financial burdens, and the most prominent of these offers are the following:

  • You can get the iPhone SE, third edition, at a price of 2499 SAR, instead of 2799 SAR.
  • Among the offers of Jarir Bookstore for mobile phones available at the present time is the purchase of the Honor X9a phone at a price of 1215, and in the event that you need to buy a mobile phone with all its accessories, you must contact the library for pre-booking, and pay the cost of 1399 riyals.
  • At a price of 3699 Saudi riyals instead of 3999, you can buy the Honor Magic 4 Pro phone.
  • Now you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 from Jarir Bookstore at a price of 1299 SAR instead of 1499 SAR.
  • You can buy the Motorola Moto G42 phone at 599 Saudi riyals instead of 899 riyals, and the internal storage space of the device reaches 128 GB, and it contains 6 GB RAM.
  • At a price of 1399 riyals, you can buy the Huawei Nova SE10 phone, and if you want to buy the mobile in installments, you must pay a monthly installment of 65 riyals.
  • You can buy the Oppo Reno 8 Pro phone in installments, and the value of one monthly installment is 135 Saudi riyals, and the total value of the mobile after the discount is 2899.
  • One of Jarir’s offers for mobile phones today is to buy the Huawei Nova Y61 phone at a price of 579 Saudi riyals, and the monthly installment is 27 riyals.

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Mobile prices with Jarir Bookstore discounts

The phones available in Jarir Bookstore are distinguished by their high quality, and they contain a lot of capabilities and specifications, and therefore they work with accuracy and high performance. The library offers on these phones a variety of Jarir offers for phones, including the following:

  • One of Jarir’s offers for Samsung mobile phones is the discount available on the Samsung Galaxy phone, as it can be purchased at a price of 2899 Saudi riyals instead of 3499 riyals, and it has 8 GB RAM, and its internal space reaches 5 GB, and it is available in Phantom White, rose gold, or green. or violet.
  • You can buy the Oppo Reno 6 Pro phone at a price of 2399 SAR instead of 2999 SAR, i.e. benefit from a 20% discount rate.
  • At a price of 3499 Saudi riyals instead of 3999, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and it is available in the library in many different colors.
  • At a price of 2199, you can buy a Black Shark phone, which is only intended for electronic games, and its internal space reaches 128 GB.
  • At a price of 1199 SAR, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy A50, which has an internal space of 128 GB.
  • At a price of 999 Saudi riyals, you can get the Honor X, which has an internal space of 128 GB, after reducing the value of 100 riyals from the original price of the phone.
  • One of Jarir’s great offers on mobile phones is to get the Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone at a price of 2899 Saudi riyals, after deducting 400 riyals from the original price.

Terms of Jarir Bookstore offers on mobile phones

Terms of Jarir Bookstore offers on mobile phones

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Jarir Bookstore has set a set of conditions that must be adhered to by the person who wants to buy one of the mobile phones available in the library, and benefit from the offers it offers. Among the most prominent conditions of Jarir for mobile phones are the following:

  • The offers offered by Jarir Bookstore allow customers to exchange the old phone for a new one such as iPhone 13, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11, and this process is completed in return for paying a low financial value.
  • When a new phone is obtained from Jarir Bookstore through exchange, the customer cannot return the phone.
  • The phone to be replaced does not have to be from Jarir Bookstore previously purchased from it, rather it must not have scratches or fractures.

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Does Jarir Bookstore offer limited offers on mobiles?

No, on the contrary, this library offers many different offers on many types of international and most widely used mobile phones.

Does Jarir Bookstore offer discounts on electronic devices?

Yes, the library offers a variety of sales and discounts on many electronic devices, such as iPads, laptops, and others.


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What is Jarir Bookstore unified number?

You can contact the customer service team at Jarir Bookstore by calling the unified number 920000089.

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