This vitamin has special benefits for men


Vitamin D supports a myriad of vital biological functions in the human body. Both male and female, Vitamin D contributes effectively to improving the health of the bones, heart, intestines and immune system.

According to the Mind Your Body Green website, a lot of important emerging research has recently been conducted focusing on the benefits of vitamin D for men and the results are as follows:

Support muscle growth

Many turn to supplements such as creatine, protein, and amino acids when seeking to support a diet aimed at promoting muscle growth and function. But musculoskeletal nutrition scientist Professor Christian Wright advises the use of vitamin D supplements, because they regulate a number of pathways and cellular functions that maintain muscle health, noting that vitamin D receptors known as VDR are found in skeletal muscles throughout the body, which means that Muscles need vitamin D to participate in all kinds of daily activities, not just exercise.

Professor Wright adds that vitamin 3D is also required to maintain a healthy percentage of muscle mass over a lifetime, explaining that scientific research shows that higher muscle mass slows muscle loss with age and enhances muscle condition all the time.

Mood improvement

Mental wellness is an important aspect of overall health. According to scientific research, vitamin D provides daily support for mood and mental health, for the following reasons:

First, vitamin D receptors and metabolites are located throughout the brain, indicating that vitamin D plays an important role in brain function and health, improving mood, and supporting cognitive vitality.

Second, regarding emotional health, a scientific review in 2020 concluded that vitamin D supplementation can help improve mood by reducing negative emotions.

Third, the results of a recent scientific study revealed that vitamin D works closely with the pineal gland to help regulate levels of serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for happiness and quality sleep.

Better reproductive health

The importance of vitamin D has been highlighted in scientific studies on fertility and reproductive health, with Professor Ashley Jordan Ferreira, director of scientific affairs at mbg, saying that vitamin D plays an important role in supporting fertility and reproductive health, citing the results of studies that revealed that cases of vitamin D deficiency or Insufficient levels of it improved after the males took vitamin supplements.


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