The “points of contention” in the Vienna negotiations have been addressed


Last update: January 15, 2022 11:11 AM

At the same time, non-optimistic statements about the possibility of reaching an agreement soon in the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue increased, due to Tehran’s intransigence.

Today, Saturday, the Iranian news agency (IRNA) quoted an informed source as saying that many “points of contention” have been addressed in the Vienna negotiations aimed at reviving the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and world powers, while delegations are currently discussing ways to implement the potential agreement.

The source, whose name was not revealed by the agency, added that “negotiations are currently underway on difficult issues and how to formulate issues whose principles have been agreed upon into phrases and include them in the document.”

He explained that many issues related to sanctions and nuclear issues have been addressed, stressing that “work is increasingly underway on Annex III on the implementation and sequencing of the potential agreement.”

He pointed out that the issue of sequencing is the steps that Iran and the United States should take in order to fully implement the 2015 nuclear agreement, noting that these measures “need to be verified.” “We are discussing the details, and this is the most difficult and longest part of the negotiations, but it is absolutely necessary to reach our goal,” the informed source said.


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