Saudi Arabia: Monitoring the possibility of snowfall in some regions of Saudi Arabia is rare on Sunday and Monday | Arabia weather


Arab Weather – The weather forecast department at the Arab Weather Center issued a report showing the chance of snow falling at the beginning of next week in some regions of Saudi Arabia, and the report stated that there is a cold air front that gradually crosses the north of the Kingdom during the daytime hours on Sunday, and very cold polar winds rush behind it, which may lead to Some snowfall in some areas.

The computer processing outputs indicate that as of Sunday morning, parts of Al-Jawf and the northern borders will be affected by showers of rain accompanied by hail, and the weather forecast team at the Arab Weather Center monitors the possibility of a collision of the expansion of a very cold and Siberian air mass with precipitation, this convergence Between the two atmospheric systems, in some rare cases, snow falls in unusually snowy areas.

With the outputs of computer processing through numerical modeling of the movements of air masses, the areas of possible collision on Sunday, on which snowfalls are likely to occur, include Tarif and its adjacent areas. As for the hours of Sunday night / Monday and the dawn of Monday, it is expected that an additional deepening of the severe air mass will occur. The coldness, which may result in an expansion in the range of snow precipitation to include several parts of the heights of Arar and Al-Jawf, the southern mountains of Tabuk, and possibly Jabal Al-Lawz.

It will not be surprising that some snow has accumulated in some neighborhoods of these areas. Moreover, temperatures are expected to reach below zero degrees Celsius in several areas of the north of the Kingdom, in an atmosphere described as very cold, especially with dawn and early morning hours.


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