Saturday’s weather is cloudy with scattered rain that gets heavy in the evening and snow at an altitude of 1100 meters


The Meteorological Authority expected that Saturday’s weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times without a slight change in temperatures and fog on the heights. Snow at an altitude of 1300 meters and above, and at night it touches 1100 meters.

And it expected that Sunday’s weather will be cloudy with a noticeable decrease in temperatures and fog on the heights. Heavy rain will fall sometimes during the afternoon, especially in the northern and southern regions, with lightning and thunder. Snow falls at a height of 1,000 meters and below in the northern and interior regions, and winds are also active. Sometimes it intensifies to reach 65 km / h. The weather gradually improves from evening to night and turns into a few clouds with the entry of the cold polar mass, so that a wave of frost controls and ice forms on the heights and inside from a height of 700 meters at night and until noon on Monday, so we warn from the risk of slipping.

It also expected that Monday’s weather will be clear in general, with temperatures remaining low (below their annual rates) and the persistence of the frost wave, and ice will form on the heights and inside, starting from a height of 700 meters and above until noon and during the night, with a warning of the risk of slipping.


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