Recover deleted photos from the phone “the best three programs”


Sometimes we mistakenly delete photos from the phone and we desperately want to retrieve them. Thanks to modern technologies, we find that the deleted photos from the phone can be easily retrieved from the photo gallery and access to the deleted photos, but this method lasts only for one month and then the photos are permanently deleted from the phone automatically And here comes the role of using programs so that we can get the images again.

Recover deleted photos from the phone through applications

The first application: dr.fone is one of the applications that can be relied on to recover deleted photos, not only photos, but through which you can recover deleted text messages, videos, or contacts that have been deleted from the phone. You can go to the link and download the program version for Android and start recovering deleted photos and files from the phone after completing the installation and activation steps.

Image from the app

The second application is used to retrieve photos from Android phones and iPhones

The recycle master program is one of the applications that are suitable for all operating systems for mobile phones. The program is downloaded through Google Play and the way the program works is not only through the phone, but the mobile phone must be connected to a computer. After the connection, we enter the program and follow the steps that will be displayed on the screen in the form of options After that, we select the recovery of videos or audio files, or the recovery of deleted photos from the phone.

third app gt recovery

One of the most important applications that can be used to recover deleted files, photos and videos, and the program can be downloaded through In downloading the program, after downloading, grant the application access to the root, and you will then see a set of options through which you can retrieve deleted WhatsApp photos, files, SMS and voice messages that have been deleted from the phone.

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