Rania Youssef: I refuse to offer cheap work, and some use my name to achieve fame | news


The artist, Rania Youssef, is a guest on the “Heliopolis” program presented by the media, Engy Anwar, on the Etc channel.

The episode will be shown on Monday, January 17, at exactly eight in the evening, and Rania Youssef talks about the inclusion of her name in a new song by rapper Youssef Ahmed, known as “The Joker”, which came under the name “The Third Possible”, explaining that there are some people who raise problems around her to achieve fame.

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In her speech, she also touched on her refusal to remarry because of the change in the man after three months of marriage.

Regarding artwork, she said that she refuses to provide “cheap artistic” works and that the works she presents have nothing to do with her personal life, stressing that she does not set red lines for herself.


It is noteworthy that Rania Youssef presents her the series “The Mamluks”, starring Muhammad Lotfi, Bayoumi Fouad, Aisha Othman, Ramy Wahid, Muhammad Suleiman, Fedra, Dolly Shaheen and Omar Hassan Youssef, written by Hisham Hilal, produced by Ihab Mounir, and directed by Hazem Fouda.

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