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Basrawi News Encyclopedia – I wrote: Nermin Salem that orbiting the Earth 16 times a day means that there are plenty of opportunities to take amazing photos for astronauts residing aboard the International Space Station, according to a report. digitartlend Technical.

During his last six-month visit to the space facility, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet dazzled us with a plethora of stunning images of Earth taken from 250 miles away.

Towards the end of his mission in November, he revealed Pesquet On how he manages to take great photos on a consistent basis.

And in a tweet this week, Matthias Maurer, current resident of the International Space Station, provided additional insight into how astronauts monitor Earth, even sharing the name of a mobile app that helps them identify places of interest.

“To find out where we are above Earth and not miss any interesting photo opportunities, astronauts use an app called World Map,” Maurer, who arrived at the International Space Station in November, said in a tweet. GoISSwatch And NASA، , these also show weather conditions and Earth observation targets for [الصور] ideal.”

App appears GoISSWatch , which was developed by GoSoftWork (Free for devices iPhone And iPad ), gives astronauts the predicted path of the space station as it orbits the Earth.

And for earthlings looking for land, an app iOS same (users can Android Experience this app) real-time tracking of the International Space Station, and also lets you know when the station passes over your area, giving you the opportunity to determine the orbiting satellite yourself (no special equipment needed, just clear skies!).

And the notifications feature in the app means you can plan ahead if you’re interested in trying to take a picture of the station in the night sky, and in response to Maurer’s message, stargazer Steve Rice revealed he’s using the app for exactly that purpose, including in his tweet a great long-exposure photo he took of the station. International Space.

As Steve pointed out, it uses a paid version of an app GoSoftWork he is called GoSatWatch ($10), which lets you track not only the International Space Station but many other satellites orbiting the Earth, and also lets you track the spacecraft SpaceX During missions to and from the International Space Station, however, the application GoSoftWork Free will do the job if you are only interested in discovering the space station.

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