Health warns of complications from a pacemaker


T + T – normal size

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has warned of health complications that may result when using the “Micra leadless pacemaker”, due to the possibility of health problems during implantation of the device.

The ministry explained in a circular directed to all health facilities and health care practitioners in the health sector, based on a warning issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, which confirmed that heart perforation is one of the rare complications of any implantation of a pacemaker, and it can lead to major complications. or even death.

The ministry recommended that doctors should discuss with the patient, and explain the benefits and risks of using the product, compared to intravenous regimens or alternative treatments.

She pointed out that the risk of complications in the event of heart perforation increases at a higher rate in patients who receive this system compared to traditional intravenous pacemakers.

And she called on doctors to be fully prepared to deal urgently with patients in the event of a perforation in the heart during the implantation of the medical device, and the instructions for use and training on the product must be followed with good care.



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