He ran over to his girlfriend after returning from Umrah


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The Court of Cassation in Jordan overturned a decision of the Public Security Court, ordering the death penalty for a policeman with the rank of sergeant in the gendarmerie forces, after convicting him of premeditated murder for running over his lover, after threatening him to reveal their relationship if he refused to marry her.

The discrimination was justified by its reversal of the decision, because the Public Security Court did not allow the defense attorney to discuss a prosecution witness who was a member of the investigation committee with the accused, as he was among the committee that listened and seized the accused’s initial statements, and his testimony was heard before the public prosecutor, and his name was included in the list of evidence of the Public Prosecution.

In its decision, the Public Security Court indicated that it is not permissible to invite him and hear his statements as a witness for the public right, as he is the head of the investigation body and he is part of the Public Prosecution, and his testimony may not be heard in any way, and it dismissed his call, while the defense objected to that and stuck to its discussion.

The Cassation found that the law did not prevent a member or head of the investigation body that conducts preliminary investigations as a judicial officer from being a witness for the general right to testify about the integrity of the circumstances made by the accused in his initial statements or any other fact that was viewed or seized. The aforementioned witness, and enabling the defense to discuss it, is against the law, which makes the distinguished decision premature due to the incomplete hearing of the Public Prosecution’s witnesses and the reason for the appeal to be answered and it must be overturned without examining the rest of the reasons at this stage.

The Public Security Court had concluded the facts of the crime that the accused works in the gendarmerie forces, and during his leave he works by transporting passengers in exchange for a fee on his vehicle, and during the return of the victim from her workplace to go to her home, she saw the suspect’s vehicle and flagged him and climbed the vehicle in order to deliver it to her nearby home From Amman, and during their walk, they exchanged conversations and exchanged phone numbers between them in order to deliver her to her home in case she did not find the vehicles, according to what was published by Jordanian media.

A romantic relationship arose between them, and the contacts and meetings between them continued continuously in one of the houses, and he was cohabiting with her husbands, and the victim was asking him to propose to her from her family, and the accused promised her that, but he took the delay, and she communicated with him on the “WhatsApp” program throughout that time, and she asked him to marry even for one month to fix his mistake with her.

However, the accused asked her to wait until the engagement was broken by his fiancée, and then returned to tell her later that he would leave for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, and indeed the accused went with his mother and wife to perform Umrah, and while he was there, the victim called him several times, but he did not By responding to her, this caused him psychological pressure as she threatened him to inform her family and his family of what happened between them.

This led the accused to feel fear and anxiety that his case would be exposed in front of his family and his wife, so he began planning his criminal project to get rid of her by running over her in the public road knowing and knowing where she was in the morning, and the usual time for her to go to a bus complex between six and six thirty in the morning.

According to the facts, the accused woke up early with his determination to carry out his criminal project and went from his place of residence near the place of residence of the victim, knowing that she would be present in that place as usual to go to her place of work, and when he saw her, he made a detour by his vehicle and increased the speed of the vehicle, and ran over her, which led to to smash his windshield.

Then he left for his relative’s house and took the sum of (450) dinars from him. He went to a car glass shop and replaced the broken glass with new one. He also went to a garage, where he completely painted the vehicle to hide the signs of his crime, while the victim remained bleeding in the public street until she was rescued by the defense The civilian was taken to the hospital and it was found that she had passed away.



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