Camille Asmar celebrates his daughter after her lover proposed to marry her


Lebanese comedian Camille Asmar celebrated his daughter Tatiana, after her lover Rawad proposed to her.
In the details, Asmar, followers of his Facebook page, shared a video clip in which he documented the atmosphere of the surprise that his daughter’s lover attended for her, offering her to marry.

And in the video, Fares Asmar, Tatiana’s brother, appeared preparing the surprise for his sister with her lover Rawad. As soon as she entered the house, Rawad was kneeling and proposed to her, while friends carried the letters of the phrase “Will you marry me”. Yes, Tatiana said, and one of the attendees put it on the “bridal veil”.
Asmar attached the video to a comment that read: “Heidi is my daughter and the lover of my heart. May God give you good days, wishing you great joy.”


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