Breakfast you should stop immediately.. it causes many problems


A large list of healthy food which can be eaten at meal breakfastThere are unhealthy foods that seem healthy but they are not.

Nutrition experts say that cereal is one of the most suitable meals for breakfast, and in itself it is not a negative for anyone trying to lose weight.

but eat sugary cereals Breakfast seems like a bad idea, as “shefinds” quotes doctor and health expert, Bron Beans.

He says, “Sugar cereals are generally low in fiber,” stressing that fiber helps us feel full, which helps in the weight loss process.

He pointed out that these pills can raise insulin levels, which can lead to a feeling of fatigue.

As for nutrition expert, Lindsey Destor, says that the unclear sizes are another reason why eating pills is misleading for those trying to lose weight.

“Many people choose cereals because they are low in calories,” she explains, but some portions are harmful to them.

And while not all grains are bad, many are made with refined carbohydrates that can lead to a buildup of visceral fat.

The nutritionist said that these foods lack fiber and proteinWhich help in getting rid of belly fat.


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