Arab stars married and divorced before they reached the age of twenty!


Stars who married at an early age and took the title of divorced before the age of twenty after the failure of these early marriages, most of which resulted in children. Here are the most prominent stars who divorced before the age of twenty, noting that a large number of marriages of these stars ended in separation after the age of twenty, but we will review with you today the marriages that ended in divorce before the age of twenty:

Haifa Wehbe

The Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, married for the first time at the age of 17, from a relative of hers, after she won the title of Miss South, and then traveled with him to Africa and gave birth to her only daughter, Zainab, and then divorced him after a short period and joined the artistic field.


Moroccan singer Jannat experienced an early marriage with composer Mohamed Dia at the age of 16, but this marriage did not last long and ended in divorce after only three years, that is, at the age of 19.

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab married for the first time at the age of 19 to composer Medhat Khamis, but the marriage lasted only 6 months and then ended in divorce due to differences that reached the point of her husband beating her, and aborted her first child and then announced her remorse.

Ola Ghanem

The artist, Ola Ghanem, first married Walid Al-Dafrawi when she was 17 years old, and gave birth to her two daughters, Camelia and Farida, and then separated from him because she was not happy with him.

Amal maher

Egyptian actress Amal Maher lived her first marital experience at the age of 18, but this marriage was not successful and ended in separation after one year, during which she gave birth to her son Omar, and then ended the relationship on the grounds of divorce from her husband.

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