Arab stars faced the rejection of their marriages by their families, including Mervat Amin, Angham and Magda El Roumi


Many Arab stars faced the rejection of their marriages by their parents, including Assi El-Hellani, Nelly Karim and Mervat Amin.

Here are the most prominent Arab stars who faced their parents’ rejection of the idea of ​​their marriage:

Artist Assi El Helani

The artist Assi El-Hellani faced great opposition from his family and relatives when he decided to marry the former Miss Lebanon Colette Pauls, and the reason was the difference of religion between the two parties, but the love between this duo proved his victory and the two parties married quietly and without organizing a wedding in order to avoid provoking the feelings of those close. This marriage proved successful despite the passage of nearly a quarter of a century, and resulted in the birth of three children


When the artist Angham married for the first time to the sound engineer Magdy Aref, she was met with a great rejection by her father, the musician Muhammad Ali Suleiman, who was very angry, but she overcame him and married him and gave birth to her eldest son Omar before she separated from him after 5 years of marriage

Actress Nelly Karim

As for the artist, Nelly Karim, she challenged her mother when she decided to marry the father of her sons Youssef and Karim, and put her under a fait accompli. After 9 years of this marriage, the couple separated after having two sons

Actress Majida El Roumi

The artist Magda El Roumi is one of the stars who faced the rejection of their marriages by their parents, as her father, the composer Halim El Roumi, was strongly against his daughter’s marriage to her ex-husband, Antoine Dafouni, and said that his daughter would regret this marriage. Indeed, after 26 years, Magda El Roumi separated from her husband due to infidelity

Actress Elaine Khalaf

Actress Elaine Khalaf faced strong opposition from her father-in-law, artist Elie Ayoub, who refused her marriage to his son Carlos because of the age difference, as he is about 10 years older, as well as because of the difference in culture and personality, he says. But the couple decided in 2013 to marry in Turkey and a wedding ceremony was held, which the father of the groom did not attend because he did not agree to the marriage.

Actress Mervat Amin

The artist Mervat Amin is one of the stars who challenged the parents to marry the man she chose, the Syrian artist Muwaffaq Bahjat, without the consent of her family, but soon the divorce occurred between them.

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