An Egyptian actor confesses his love for Mona Zaki.. How was her reaction?


Egyptian actor Mahmoud Amr Yassin published a message through his personal account on the social networking site, in which he revealed his love for Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, since childhood.

And with the story of a way, he revealed that he intended to send her a letter confessing his love for her, and said: “When I was young I loved Mona Zaki, and I wrote her an answer, because my friend told me that she lived with her in the building, but she was laughing at me, and I wrote the answer and I was afraid that My family watched him, so I threw him behind the bed, and the horror of my life was to find him. I had written to her that I loved her, and that I wanted to name my sister after her, but my family did not agree.

In turn, Mona Zaki responded to Mahmoud’s post through the story feature through her own account, where she republished what he wrote, and commented: “I want this answer that I need.”

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