Amr Adib reveals the secret of his quick recovery from Corona


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The Egyptian journalist, Amr Adib, revealed the details of his infection with Corona, explaining that some people ask him with amazement about the speed of his recovery from the disease, and that he always answered, “Thanks to our Lord and then the doctors Al-Bashawat.”

He said: “In every profession, there is the bad and the good, and those who are good at their work versus those who do not master their work, and among these professions are doctors, good and not so good.”

He added, “The reason for my quick recovery is because there are doctors in Pashawat, and there are many of them, and most of them are like this.”

He said: “This does not preclude that there are doctors who make mistakes, and it is not correct to increase the sensitivity of the Physicians Syndicate to talking about any medical error because this happens in any profession.”



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