You will not believe: The real age of the charming artist Nadia Al-Jundi… and the surprise in the size of her wealth is an imaginary number that exceeds all expectations!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The artist Nadia El-Gendy is an Egyptian actress who won the Miss Alexandria Award organized by Al-Jeel magazine and she is only fifteen years old.


Her first cinematic appearance was through the movie Jamila in 1959, after which she participated in slightly larger roles in films, such as (The Traitor, Small on Love, My Woman is Crazy, Crazy).

Which she achieved from Khadila in 1973, she starred in the TV series (The Whirlpool), and in the following year she made her first cinematic starring in the movie (Bamba Kosher), a huge star.

After that, she participated in several films Haq in 1980, in which she starred in the movie Al-Batiniya), which made her one of the most important stars of the eighties, and the films were sold under her name and nickname (The Star of the Masses). The Queen, The Lost, Terror).

During the nineties of the twentieth century, IAA presented more films that achieved great revenues during their screening in theaters, such as Mission in Tel Aviv, Hikmat Fahmy, A Woman Who Shook the Throne of Egypt, Assassination, 48 Hours in Israel).

With the emergence of the new wave of comedy in the cinema, it turned to working on television, presenting several series, including (The Journey of a Woman, Who Shot Hind Allam, Queen in Exile).

Also, the artist Nadia El-Gendy is one of the great artists who will not be forgotten by the Egyptian public, no matter how many hundreds of years have passed since their distance, because their works remain and are widely present, as they are realistic and discuss issues that exist for all generations..

The artist, Nadia El-Gendy, has diversified her work between inside and outside Egypt, as well as presenting cinema, theater and television, so she finds her lovers among those accused of all artistic colors without exception.


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