Why Ahmed Al Shugairi ignited social networking sites?


The Saudi journalist, Ahmed Al-Shugairi, ignited social networking sites, after the spread of a video clip.

Where he appeared in a high physique, which made him the talk of social networking sites.

After many years of absence, the Saudi journalist, Ahmed Al-Shugairi, returned to the screen with his Ramadan program, Sin.

And that is after a break of years following the progress of his famous program “Khawatir”.

In the same context, sources revealed in press statements that the program presents a set of important projects.

Established by the responsible Saudi authorities in a large number of cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During the past hours, the famous Saudi journalist, Ahmed Al-Shugairi, topped the search engines on Google.

Where he enjoys great popularity, social media platforms have witnessed a wide celebration of him amid a search for details of his physical activity and high fitness.

Ahmed Shuqairi

He is Ahmed Mazen Ahmed Asaad Al-Shugairi, a journalist and presenter of intellectual youth programs. He was born in Jeddah on July 19, 1973 AD to a wealthy family of Palestinian origins.

Where he completed his secondary education at Al-Manarat School, and then traveled to the United States of America at the age of seventeen.

To complete his university education in California.

Ahmed Al Shugairi’s programs

Ahmed Al-Shugairi specialized in business administration at the university, and he owned his own commercial company, until he entered the media field by chance, because of his love for volunteer work.

Among his works: the “Yalla Shabab” program. He was a friend of the program’s creator, and he asked him to participate in it, and Ahmed Al Shugairi agreed; Where he participated in the preparation and presentation,

khawatir program

One of the most important programs shown on screens in Ramadan was the “Khawatir” program

Which was presented by Ahmed Al Shugairi in 2015 to be the most famous and followed program.

After the Khawatier program, the Saudi journalist disappeared from the scene, when the rumor of his death came out.

Ahmed Al Shugairi’s family was quick to respond to the rumor officially and directly, confirming that he is fine and is in Dubai with his family.

And that everything that was circulated in the newspapers in this regard has no basis in truth.

She also called on his fans not to follow these rumors and not to publish any news on social networking sites without verifying their authenticity first.

This is in order not to cause myself any harm, whether to his family, friends or fans who follow his programs.

The rumor of the death caused inconvenience to Al-Shukri, who responded himself through his personal page on the Instagram application.

He wrote: “The rumor is healthy and destroying the world, while the truth is still awake brushing its teeth.”

He officially and explicitly denied what was said about his sudden and severe heart attack that killed him.


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