What does Google Photos Locked Folder mean for more Android users?


Google announced Locked Folder for photos in June earlier this year, a feature that allowed users to hide selected photos and videos from the app’s main search network, and the feature was only available for Pixel phones.

Google said at the time that the Locked Folders feature in Google Photos would be available to more Android devices as well as iPhone by the end of 2021, and it now appears that the company has fulfilled its promise because the feature is now available for non-pixel phones as well, as it has reached more Android users as it receives Users get notifications about the new feature, and if the user swipes the notification up, they will be able to access the locked folder by heading to Google Photos.

What is the feature of Google Photos Locked Folder?

As mentioned above, the feature allows users to hide photos and videos that they don’t want others to see. It is a passcode-protected space where specific photos can be saved privately. The feature was first announced at a Google I/O event held in June of This year.

The photos and videos that have been added to the locked folder will not be backed up or shared, and the user can open these photos/videos from the “Library”>”Utilities”>”Locked Folder” tab, and when the users are inside this secure space, They will not be able to take screenshots either, and users can only perform two actions for such images. They can either delete it permanently or move it outside the locked folder.


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