Ubisoft announces Quartz to provide cosmetic items by NFT


Today, Ubisoft announced its first entry into the world of cryptocurrency technology and NFTS units, through Quartz, which provides limited-edition cosmetic items for Ubisoft games, which can then be resold in third-party cryptocurrency markets, and will be launched in beta starting from December 9 for cosmetic items from Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The NFT units supported by the Quartz system, each being a limited edition in-game cosmetic, each number is made unique and will be visible on the cosmetic itself, for example a weapon may have an exclusive number on the bullet locker, or a helmet can be engraved on the edge of the weapon. Furthermore, your Ubisoft Connect username will be included in the numerical data of the weapon or equipment when it is sold to other people, their usernames being added to the metadata, creating a record of ownership for the NFT.

When the Ubisoft Quartz system launches on December 9, there will be 3 numbers available for the Ubisoft Connect PC version of the game for cosmetic items for the M4A1 Tactical Rifle, helmet and a pair of pants. This December.

The gun will require players to have reached level 5, the pants require at least 100 hours of play, and the helmet at least 600 hours. Ubisoft’s Director of Blockchain Business, Baptiste Shaderdon, stated that the idea of ​​this platform is to focus on gamers who are most engaged with games.

This approach is meant to ensure that real Ubisoft players get the numbers and not those who are just looking to trade with them in third-party marketplaces. Users are also limited to having only one of each number, which enhances rarity and denies the ability to collect collectibles.

If all this sounds interesting, then signing up for Ubisoft Quartz comes with a number of requirements, as you’ll need to have a Ubisoft Connect account, open a crypto wallet with a third-party system (either Kukai or Temple), and be over 18 years old.

It is reported that the beta version is available in select regions only, which are Canada, the United States of America, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Australia.

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