Two injuries in one day .. Corona storms the Arab Cup


وقال Tunisian Football Federation In a statement: “The tests carried out by the members of the Tunisian delegation proved negative, except for the analysis of the player Hamza Mathlouthi, which was positive.”“.

The union added that Mathlouthi The 29-year-old “was isolated from the group since last night to stay in one of the specialized clinics in Doha, until he was subjected to a second analysis 48 hours later, knowing that his previous analyzes were all negative.“.

Al-Ittihad revealed that Mathlouthi is a player Zamalek Al-Masry, “like all players and all members of the delegation”, had previously obtained the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, according to Agence France-Presse.

In the same context, the Zamalek club announced that the head of its technical staff, Mohamed Osama, will communicate with Mathlouthi “to check on his health.”

It is noteworthy that Tunisia defeated Mauritania, by a landslide 5-1, on Tuesday, in which Mathlouthi participated in the main, among the Arab Cup.

And the Jordanian mission had announced that the player Anas Al-Awad was infected with Corona, and that he had been replaced byMohammed Abu Zreik (Sharara) in the list of “Al-Nashami”.


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