Tunisian football player kidnapped


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The Public Prosecution Office in Tunisia has ordered the detention of 4 people on charges of kidnapping and robbing a 19-year-old footballer in the Bardo region, according to the Information and Communications Office of the General Administration of National Security.

In the details, Radio Mosaique FM, quoting the Information and Communication Office, revealed that “the victim complained to the security units, noting that four people intercepted him in the Bardo area, and one of them threatened him with a knife and forced him to accompany them to their home located in the neighborhood of Tahrir “.

The football player pointed out that the kidnappers “detained him inside the house after diverting his destination, and stole his mobile phone and a sum of money of 105 dinars, then asked him to take off his clothes and photographed him using a mobile phone and threatened to publish his pictures in the event of a complaint against them,” noting that “they asked him to They consumed zatla (cannabis) and a narcotic tablet, and they beat him after he refused to, punching and kicking him all over his body, and they deliberately detained him for a whole night and released him the next day after they took a mobile phone and a sum of money.

After the security forces moved to the kidnappers’ house, the defendants were found, along with the damaged mobile phone, and a set of other mobile phones of unknown origin.

For his part, the main defendant, who drew the knife, said that the football player and his girlfriend rented a room in their house for 40 dinars and refused, after spending their night, to pay the required amount, pointing out that “he took the player’s mobile phone to urge him to pay the amount and he would return it to him after that.” This was confirmed by his companions during their hearing, while the Public Prosecution authorized the detention of the accused while completing the investigations, according to what Russia Today reported.



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