This is how Tony Issa celebrated his wife’s birthday


The Lebanese actor celebratedTony Issawife’s birthdayAmmuna EidThrough his personal page on the social networking site.
He published a picture in which they appeared together and returned it with a comment in which he said: “I adore you with all your details..with your soul, with your heart, with your calm, with your gaze..I see in you my future, my ambition, my will and my endless love..You are the beginning and with you the end..You are the serenity and sophistication..I love you to Infinity, I love you because you are.”
And Tony concluded: “Wishing you the 1000, all your life.”
Eid replied, “My husband, my love, my joy this year is two joys. Your presence is my limit, and our daughter who is waiting for us adorns our lives! You are the whole world with your love.”
Followers interacted with the publication and sent their best wishes to Amouna, that her new year would be filled with joy and happiness.


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