The UAE boasts a huge record of achievements


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A number of Russian experts interacted with the UAE’s celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Union, speaking at length about the reality of the promising and successful experience. The expert in international relations and head of the International Center for Political Analysis and Forecasting, Denis Korkodinov, said that the UAE, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Union, has managed, over 5 decades, to possess a huge balance of achievements, which other countries have not been able to achieve.

He added that the UAE’s exemplary experience in modernization and development, and the implementation of ambitious development plans, formed an unprecedented phenomenon in the region, which qualified it to be a role model for multi-directional progress, and one of the best destinations for tourism, investment and work in the world, including for Russian citizens, thanks to the unique advantages that It is secured by modern laws and regulations in force in the country.

In addition, the Russian expert explained that the UAE was able to consolidate its place in the region and the world, due to its foreign policy based on good-neighbourliness, diplomacy and dialogue, as a primary way to address conflicts and disputes.

Korkodinov noted that the model followed by the UAE in its foreign policy was reflected in more than one international recognition of this role, as it succeeded in winning membership in the Human Rights Council, hosting the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the presidency of Interpol.

For his part, Andrei Ontikov, a specialist in Arab-Russian relations, pointed out that the UAE, unlike many countries of the world, redoubled its efforts and insistence on continuing the path of development and modernity, as it managed, despite the complex circumstances that accompanied the onset of the pandemic, to become the first Arab country to launch An ambitious space mission to explore Mars, as well as continuing the approach to providing a standard of living, economic and urban renaissance, and the success it showed in organizing Expo 2020 Dubai, which exceeded all expectations.

He concluded that the wise policy has turned the UAE into a platform for peace initiatives, as it bids farewell to 2021 and welcomes the new year, it has gone a long way in construction and development, and has provided an honorable model in dealing with challenges.



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