The truth of the video that ran over the “Pride Flag” in London in solidarity with Aboutrika


Controversy continues over former Egyptian football star Mohamed Aboutrika’s anti-gay comments and solidarity campaigns with LGBT people in the English Premier League.

Over the past few days, social media users circulated a video clip that was said to show people trampling on the gay flag in London in support of the Al-Ahly player’s positions.

The video shows the gay rainbow flag lying on the street, while a number of pedestrians deliberately trample it back and forth. But the fact-finding service of Agence France-Presse confirms that this claim is incorrect and the video was published more than a year ago and was filmed in Russia.

The video received thousands of interactions on social media, with attached comments, such as “From the heart of London today, in support of the creature Abu Trika.”

The video circulating in solidarity with Abu Trika from London is incorrect

The video circulating in solidarity with Abu Trika from London is incorrect

After searching for the video in search engines, it turned out that it had been published more than a year ago on Russian media sites, which denies that it was a recent photographer or even related to the Egyptian player whose statements were a few days ago.

The Russian websites that published the video in 2020 said that it was filmed in front of the US embassy in Moscow, in protest of the rainbow flag being raised in this country whose laws prohibit same-sex marriage and in which homosexuals are subjected to harassment that amounts to arrest and physical violence in some cases, according to what the agency transmits. Agence France-Presse for human rights organizations.

Earlier in November, during an “analytical studio” of the Chelsea-Manchester United match via “BN Sports”, Aboutrika began criticizing the “Premier League” initiative to support LGBT people, before launching a scathing attack on homosexuals and homosexuality and appealing to Muslim and Arab players in The English Premier League boycott the two rounds dedicated to supporting gays.

The former international player received sharp criticism, reaching the demand for his dismissal from the “BN Sports” channel, against the background of promoting hate speech against LGBT people in particular.

On the contrary, Abu Trika was supported by some users of social networking sites, as hashtags spread in several Arab countries in support of the former Egyptian star to declare solidarity with him, similar to the hashtag “# We are all Abu Trika.”


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