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Yesterday (Wednesday), headed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Sheikh, the Shura Council reviewed the report of the Health Committee on the National Center for Mental Health Promotion, and the Council approved the center’s request to expedite the completion of the review of regulations in the field of mental health promotion and to propose the necessary amendments thereto. The Council’s decision included that the Center develop Its strategic plan includes objectives, programs, initiatives, performance indicators, target groups and priorities according to a specific time plan, and cooperation with universities and relevant authorities to conduct research, studies and surveys to promote mental health, and focus on problems and challenges facing society, an additional recommendation made by members of the Council, Dr. Latifa Al-Shaalan, Dr. Faisal Al Fadel, and Atta Al-Subaiti, and the Health Committee took its content.The Council agreed that the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority develop clear policies and work mechanisms to determine the mandatory lists of national products, considering the financial, economic, social and health impacts on national development, while enabling the authority to have procedural and technical mechanisms through an approval platform to examine government procurement offers; To facilitate the follow-up of compliance with local content in procurement and to build a general indicator to measure the level of local content, including purchases of military industries, taking into account the mechanisms necessary to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of data on such purchases, and preparing a study to determine the proportions of local content in the products of private sector enterprises in general and small and medium enterprises in particular, according to National description of economic activities and annual targets until 2030

In its decision, the Shura Council stressed the authority to develop policies and work mechanisms that would further enable the non-profit sector to participate in government competitions.

The Shura Council called on the Saudi Fund for Development to ensure effective representation of the bodies concerned with foreign policy activities and national security on the fund’s board of directors, and to quickly complete the completion of the transfer of the export program activity to the Saudi Export-Import Bank, stressing in its decision that the fund – when determining suitable projects for financing – relied on lists Specific to countries and their importance to the Kingdom, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant agencies, and approved by the Political and Security Affairs Council, calling in its decision to study linking the Saudi Development Fund to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During its session, the Council issued a decision regarding the annual report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after listening to the viewpoint of the Foreign Affairs Committee. The Council also approved a number of recommendations made by the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on the annual report of the Ministry of Culture. The Council also voted by a majority on a decision that includes the inadequacy of studying a proposal submitted based on Article (23) of the Council’s Law regarding the draft amendment of Articles (twelfth and thirteenth) of the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law.

The Council took its decision after hearing a report from the Trade and Investment Committee regarding the proposal, which included its opinion and response regarding what was stated in the proposal and its recommendation of its inappropriateness.

Anti-fraud modification proposal..inappropriate


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