The series “The Visit” has El-Sherbiny a true horror story..and steals the spotlight after showing two episodes


The series “The Visit” by Dina El-Sherbiny and Takla Shamoun topped the trend during the past hours, coinciding with the presentation of the first and second episodes of the series on the Shahid VIP platform.

The first and second episodes were able to attract a wide category of audience who love excitement and suspense. Where the heroes manage to keep the viewer attentive and anticipating the events.

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The first and second episodes were able to attract a wide category of audience who love excitement and suspense. Where the heroes succeeded in keeping the viewer attentive and anticipating the events.

In the following lines, we monitor the most prominent observations on what has been broadcasted so far from the series The Visit by artist Dina El-Sherbiny.

The events revolve in Lebanon during the eighties during the Lebanese war, about Ansaf who goes for a visit to a house in order to remove the curse of the Haddad family and get rid of the evil that controls it.

Where Dina El-Sherbiny presents the role of a girl named (Ensaf), who came from Egypt to Lebanon to work in a house, but behind her is a strange secret that no one knows. for work.

Ensaf holds secrets that we will discover in the coming episodes, as well as possessing mysterious powers through which she tries to help people, and seeks to solve a problem that a Lebanese family suffers from by revealing the secrets of the curse surrounding it.

It was also found that the episodes will have separate titles, for example: the first episode was titled “The Virgin’s Wedding,” while the second episode was titled “Transformation.”

As for the duration of the episode, it reaches 45 minutes, filled with events and suspense, and horror scenes that are able to kidnap the viewer throughout the duration of the episode.

You can feel the tension and anxiety surrounding the character presented by the artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, especially in light of the rapid development of events.

At first, it was found that work is limited to those over 18 years old; As it was pointed out before the beginning; Because it contains killing events and cruel scenes, such as burning a person or a lot of blood, where it is not recommended for children to watch it.

It was also indicated at the beginning of the episodes that the series was inspired by real events, some events and names were changed out of respect for the family that faced the curse.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers are waiting for more details of Dina’s personality to be revealed, and for her family, her husband and children to be clarified.

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